Whole30 Week One

After this holiday season and lots of trips, I was soooo ready for a reset. I said before I didn’t know if I could do the Whole30 because it cuts out so many things, but I decided to give it a try! Anthony is doing it with me (this far!). I am going to have weekly updates every Wednesday and here is the first one!

Day One- Wednesday, January 3rd


I scrambled one egg and one egg white with tomato, onion, garlic, avocado and red pepper flakes and had a Whole30 approved chicken sausage.


I roasted some broccoli, cauliflower, onion, brussel sprout shreds and garlic on 475 degrees for 20 minutes. Then I put some mustard on Applegate turkey and rolled it up. La Croix to drink.


I made my go-to pepper nachos, just without the cheese and sour cream. I mashed up avocado to spread on them instead of the sour cream, which worked well. Then, I made a salad with spring mix, tomato, onion, Kalamata olives and slivered almonds. I found this Whole30 approved dressing/marinate on Amazon. It’s called Green Goddess from Primal Kitchen and it’s really good!

The pepper nachos are on a small plate, so it looks like a lot, but they weren’t that big. 

Day Two- Thursday, January 4th


After Aurora and I went to the Y, we had some errands to run, so I was late getting home. I don’t like to eat before a workout, so by 11AM, after working out for almost two hours, I was starving.

I heated up the rest of the veggies I made yesterday and fried an egg really quick. I broke the yolk on purpose at the end because I don’t like it all the way dippy.


I sautéed cauliflower rice with salsa and had an Applegate hotdog with mustard.


I had the exact same thing for dinner as I had on day one. I made sure I made extra just to make it easy, so it was pepper nachos with avocado and a salad.

Day Three- Friday, January 5th


I scrambled some egg whites with onion, tomato and garlic and ate that with a slice of approved bacon (which is hard to find!) and I finally added some potatoes in. I have been feeling hungry after some meals so far and the potato really helped! I cooked a bunch of potatoes in the oven and then cut one up and sautéed it with some onion and garlic.

This is the only brand of approved bacon I have seen (Harris Teeter), but I haven’t been to Whole Foods yet and I am hoping to make a trip there soon!


I used some of my salsa cauliflower rice and added chicken to it and then made some turkey/mustard roll-ups.


I went to bed the night before thinking I was getting sick, and I was right! Chills but hot, felt super weak, cough, runny nose and sore throat…misery! I went to the store and bought the only approved broth I could find and tried to make some chicken noodle soup.

Public Disclaimer: Chicken Bone Broth tastes nothing like regular chicken broth!! No matter how many herbs and spices I added, it was nothing like the real thing, which was a bummer!

I ended up draining the broth and eating it on a small plate!


I made a turkey burger on a lettuce bun with a side of potatoes.

Day Four- Saturday, January 6th


I had egg whites scrambled with tomato, onion and garlic. I sautéed potatoes with garlic and onion and had a chicken sausage.


Hailey had a basketball game on this day so Anthony made burgers for lunch before the game. I had my burger on lettuce with tomato, onion and avocado.

After the game, I had the other half of my lunch, which was a salad with lots of veggies, almonds and chicken.


Hailey also had her first father/daughter dance that night, so I made a bacon, broccoli and garlic spaghetti squash casserole. I had a little bit of this as I got her ready.

Then, when I got Aurora to bed, I tried some of the ranch and chicken salad I made that afternoon. Both I thought were pretty good!

Day Five- Sunday, January 7th 


I made scrambled egg whites with tomato, onion, garlic and red pepper flakes and some potatoes with onion and garlic.


I made homemade approved ranch the night before so I had that on my salad with tomato, avocado, onion, green pepper, almond slivers and chicken.

A little later, I was still hungry, so I had some chicken salad and some of the leftovers from dinner the night before. This is on a small plate so it wasn’t too much of each.


My parents got us an air fryer for Christmas and we have used it to make chicken wings and potato wedges so far. Anthony actually made chicken wings for himself on Friday night when I had the turkey burger! We used it tonight to make regular and sweet potato wedges.

Here is the whole dinner… Steak, asparagus and potatoes.

Day six- Monday, January 8th


I was hoping to feel better by today, but I was not! It was my first day of sickness that I had to get up at 6AM to get Hailey ready for school. (Friday was a 2 hour delay.) I had such a headache and sinus pressure that I took some sinus relief medicine and I don’t think I was suppose to take it on an empty stomach because it made me very nauseous so I grabbed an apple as I got Aurora ready for school.

I took Aurora to school and then attempted a workout to try and sweat this sickness away! I already got a call that Hailey was going to be getting out of school at 11AM due to possible freezing rain, so I knew I had to be quick. Then, right at the end of my run, I got an email that Aurora would need picked up at 11:30 instead of 12:30 for the same reason, so I got off the treadmill, grabbed a handful of nuts and got into the car. I had to get Aurora  earlier because I had to be home by 11AM for Hailey to get off the bus shortly after that.

So, it was a crazy morning with a thrown together breakfast that I wouldn’t even call breakfast.


I roasted some broccoli, cauliflower and Brussel sprouts with garlic and Cajun seasoning and made some turkey/mustard roll-ups.


I sautéed some bacon and brussel sprouts, which is something I have never done before and I love it so much! This will definitely be a new side with many dinners to come!

Since Anthony and I were both not feeling good at all…I didn’t want to waste a good Whole30 recipe, so I just had an Applegate hotdog with my bacon and brussels.

I did snack WAY more than I wanted to this day. As you can see, my meals were very heavy and I hungry, but sick…so I had several handfuls of nuts, some veggies, some fruit and a part of a Larabar.

Day seven- Tuesday, January 9th





Here are some of the snacks I ate throughout this week.

Not Pictured



-Apples with Cashew Butter

-Lots of Veggies

-Mixed Nuts (no peanuts or peanut oil)

How am I feeling: I have been feeling awful through most of the first week, but not because of the Whole30. We started on Wednesday Jan 3, and on Thursday night I started getting sick.  I am not sure exactly what it is but it won’t go away! Like I mentioned above, I got a runny nose, cough, sore throat, throbbing headache, and chills but I’m hot. I feel like I drank a bottle of tequila and then some smashed it over my head. NOT how I anticipated this Whole30 starting! I have many friends and I read other blog of people doing the Whole30 and everyone talks about how great they feel and I’m so jealous. I did this to feel good and I have felt awful on most days this week.

I thought the hardest part for me was going to be no alcohol, especially on the weekends, and that was not the hardest part this week at all! I didn’t want a sip of alcohol because I was so sick. I definitely could have used a cracker or pretzel or something like that when my stomach wasn’t feeling great though. Or maybe a vitamin water or something.

I am FINALLY starting to feel better, so I am hoping to spend more time in the kitchen making different meals for week number two!

I will say that I think Anthony is going to “modify” for the rest of the Whole30 and I am still not sure if I will or not. He said he wants to wait until he gets over the sickness to decide, but I think he is going to eat whatever on the weekends. I will not go that far, but I may have one day of wine on the weekend, especially if the Steelers move forward in the playoffs!