Weekend with my sister, brother-in-law and niece

We had a great long weekend with my sister and her family! They got in late Thursday night so I let the girls stay up to see them. They weren’t sure they were going to get here Thursday so it was a surprise and the girls were so excited!

Friday we woke up and I ended up not running (which is totally weird for me!) because everyone wanted to swim at 9:30! I didn’t want to miss out on family time, which is definitely the way to go! They live in Pennsylvania, so 70 degree weather calls for a dip in the pool!

Turns out both two year olds had the same bathing suit!

We swam, jumped on the trampoline and Uncle Brian finished blowing up our giant rubber duck Hailey got for Christmas!

Aurora was eating her sunglasses so Uncle Brian decided to copy her!

Saturday was Hailey’s dance recital. My sister-in-law was first in line and got us awesome seats! Thanks Jess! My sister did Hailey’s hair and makeup. Aurora HATES having her hair brushed by me…not my mom or my mother-in-law…just me! These pictures sum up her feelings when I brush her hair. Just look at the progression of her “pain face!”

Hailey did great and was so excited to have all her cousins there watching her! Between her sister and two cousins, who are two, two and three…there was a lot of “Where’s Hailey!,” and “Is it Hailey’s turn yet?!!” going on.

Happy Father’s Day on Sunday to all the dads in my life! I selfishly ran 8.5 miles because I missed my Friday workout, and then I helped with the kids!

We swam a couple times!

We had a great steak and scallop dinner thanks to Grandma and Papa Deano! The girls colored and played fruit ninja. It’s fun to see Hailey be a big cousin and sister. She truly is such a great kid and big helper!

I hope every dad out there had a great Father’s Day! We are sad to see my sister, brother-in-law and niece go, but are excited to go to outer banks with everyone in a couple weeks!