Weekend re-cap and food prep

We had such a busy weekend. Which seems to be the norm lately! I like being busy, but there is so much to do around the house that I could use a weekend (or day) at home with nowhere to go.

Anthony took Friday off to do some work around the house. I took the girls to the YMCA, which is where I workout Monday-Friday.

We got a text from a friend inviting us out for national donut day, so I did my workout, which was 3 miles on the treadmill (8:30 pace), 30 minute spin class and a 30 min P90X class which focused on lifting arms and legs, and then I ruined it all with a donut.

When Anthony finished his house work, he came in the pool with us and then we grilled some chicken and shrimp and had some cocktails.

Saturday, Hailey and I had a run for her friend Crews, who recently found out he has Leukemia. The event was through the Pinky Swear Foundation, who help financially support kids with cancer and their families. It was an emotional and eye opening experience. The older kids did a triathlon, but Hailey and her friends just did a short run for Crews. Crews and his family amaze me with their strength and positive attitude and I ask everyone to keep them in your thoughts through this extremely difficult time.

After the race, we took the girls to my mother-in-laws and headed off to tailgate at a friends house for the Train concert. Our friends sweet daughter Stella was there, and she just loved Anthony!

Train was awesome. Natasha Bedingfield opened and I was so surprised that I knew so many of her songs. Then O.A.R. followed and they were good too! We all had a great time!

Sunday we picked up the girls and headed home. I ran 8.5 miles and then Hailey and I went to her friends birthday party. They had a giant bounce house with a water slide and Hailey had a blast.

We took the girls to dinner Sunday night and Aurora was not good. She kept putting her bare foot on the table and not listening at all!! Someone help me with this child.

Even though we had a very busy weekend, I was able to get some food prep in. I always eat so much healthier when I food prep!

Thursday night at 11PM I put 2 pounds of chicken breast and a jar of salsa in the crockpot on low and then at 7AM on Friday, I shredded it and now I have salsa chicken! I do a lot with salsa chicken during the week, especially when we are busy. I will share some salsa chicken options soon!

The girls love fruit so I cut up some watermelon. Summer time is such a great time for fresh produce. We are actually attempting to grow watermelon in our garden this year so we will see how that goes!

Made some energy bites… which we call “cookie balls” because what kid would turn down a cookie!?!

Hard boiled eggs for egg salad for lunches. Anthony and Hailey love to chop up an egg or two and just add some mustard, salt and pepper and make a sandwich out of it!

And I made a breakfast casserole for easier mornings since the girls start a week long camp Monday-Friday this week.  I will be posting this recipe soon!

Food prep always makes me feel better about a Monday. Now if someone could just come clean my house!

Do you food prep for the week?

What are your go-to recipes or food-prep items?



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