Valentine’s Day 2018

Anthony is not big on Valentine’s Day. He has gotten me gifts before (probably because I complained) but we don’t usually get each other anything or plan anything special.

Now that both girls are ages that they understand the holiday and want to celebrate it, it makes Valentine’s Day much more fun!

I made several heart shaped food items this year for Hailey and Aurora.

Pancakes, of course!

I also surprised them in their lunches with heart shaped turkey sandwiches. I have several different sizes of heart cookie cutters, which made it possible to use most of the bread, not having to waste much!

And last but not least, heart shaped grilled cheese.

Hailey’s school also has “soft pretzel day” occasionally and they had one on Valentine’s Day for heart shaped pretzels. Yum! You can order as many pretzels as you want with your choice of dipping sauce and they send them home with the kids at the end of the day.

Now, for the gifts this year, everyone did so good and the girls didn’t get much candy at all! That’s a plus in my book because we still have last years Easter candy (along with all the other holidays after it up until now) sitting in the pantry waiting to be thrown away!

The girls get little gifts from grandparents, great-grandparents and some of my aunts. This year, they got tons of stickers, lots of great new books and some cash! All perfect gifts to me! I am all about minimizing clutter right now! Anthony and I got Hailey a 2018 calendar, Aurora a new book, they both got gift cards to go to the movies and a tiny tiny bit of candy.

Also, Aurora got a singing card which was probably the highlight for her! 

Oh, and their Gammie bought them cute festive outfits too!

I have been lucky that all Hailey’s holiday parties have fallen on school days for Aurora, so I was able to go in and help each time.

Instead of their four normal reading “centers,” they had a different Valentine’s Day activity at each one.

They cut out and assembled “love birds.”

They decorated bags for their valentines.

They decorated and ate cookies.

And they made beaded necklaces with hearts on them.

Hailey loves when I come in to help, so it was no surprise to me that she had a great time.

Like I said in my, Five Reasons I Love my Husband post last week, I scheduled our parent teacher conference with Hailey’s teacher for Valentine’s Day so that Anthony would have to get out of work early and we would already have a babysitter lined up to go to dinner.

Apparently, it has been a VERY long time since we have gone out on actual Valentine’s Day, because when I called around on Monday to make reservations for dinner, everywhere was booked!!

We found a new-to-us Italian restaurant called I Bambini, that had good reviews and an opening for dinner, so we were sold!

We both liked everything and thought it was really affordable! I especially loved my hot date!

I hope anyone who celebrates Valentine’s Day, had an awesome day!


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