Trader Joe’s Wine Review on $4.99 Wines!

If you didn’t catch on by now, I love me some wine! Being a wine drinker can be expense, so I have recently found a way to cut on the cost but not on the taste…Trader Joe’s! Anthony and I used to live right by a Trader Joe’s when we lived in Charlotte and loved it. Then we moved to the Lake Norman area where there is no Trader Joe’s, so I stopped going…until a couple months ago.

I friend of mine shops there all the time and told me how inexpensive their wine and other things are, so while both girls were in school on a Friday morning, I quickly worked out and got ready and headed to Charlotte to go to Trader Joe’s. The traffic was bad on the way there so it took me almost an hour to get there, but on the way back it only took me 40 minutes, which wasn’t bad at all!

Here’s the best part. All of the wines I am reviewing are only $4.99!! How crazy is that! It is definitely worth the drive for me on occasion! Not to mention they have a ton of food items worth driving there for as well!

I have tasted some white, red and rose that I will review, but I want to make it clear that I am a dry wine drinker. No moscato for me! But they do have alllllll different kinds of (inexpensive) wine for all types of wine drinkers!

Wish Flower Sparling Rose 4.6

This was my favorite rose I have had from Trader Joe’s. Maybe I am just into bubbles right now, but this sparling rose wasn’t too sweet and very refreshing!

La Granja Rose 4.4

This garnacha rose was good. It had some fruity flavors but did not seem overly sweet.

Amancay Torrontes4.5

This is an aromatic and floral white that is definitely on the dry side. It has a tart, earthy finish.

Gran Lopez5.0

This is my Trader Joe’s fav! It’s 65% Garnacha and 35% Tempranillo which usually aren’t kinds of wines I gravitate towards, but this wine is really good! I even brought a bunch of bottles with me to PA for Thanksgiving and everyone loved it!

Granite Coast Vineyards4.5

Another good, dry red blend that has a smooth finish. There is a slight peppery finish paired with a fruity flavor that goes well together.

Grower’s Reserve Zinfandel4.4

I love a good Zinfandel and this one wasn’t my all time favorite, but I would buy it again. It was dry but was a tad sweeter than I like at the finish.

Coastal Zinfandel4.5

This Zin was dry and oaky, just how I like it! There was a good balance of berry flavors, spice and pepper.

Jebediah Drinkwell’s Meritage Red Blend4.7

I bought this wine because it was a mix of many different dry reds. I thought the mix went well together, the flavor was good and it had a smooth finish.

There you have it! Some of the best $4.99 wines to buy from Trader Joe’s (in my opinion). I’m sure there are others I haven’t tried yet but for now, most of these are my go-to’s!