Thanksgiving Vacation in PA and the Michigan VS Ohio State Game

What a fun and busy Thanksgiving this year! We took Hailey out of school a little bit early on Tuesday and started our drive to PA around 2PM. Aurora was a bit difficult, but after a couple hours I decided to give her her binky and that definitely helped! We got to PA around 11PM. Hailey slept great in the car, but Aurora took a while to fall asleep and then woke up at 10PM crying because she was uncomfortable and she stayed up until we got to my parents house. My mom was up waiting for us so both girls for a second wind and wanted to play. We changed them and tried to get them to bed which wasn’t the easiest. They shared a room this time, both in big girl beds, and it went surprisingly well!
Both girls were up pretty early on Wednesday.  My dad had to work so it was just my mom and the girls and I hanging out in the morning. (Anthony was there but sleeping) My niece, Claire, and my sister came over for breakfast.
I decided going into this trip that I was going to take off from working out. That’s big for me. I know Aurora is hectic sometimes and we were already going to be gone Friday and Saturday and some of Sunday for the Michigan vs Ohio State game, so I wanted to be around as much as I could the first couple days. I also wanted to enjoy family time and not worry about getting a certain amount of miles in each day.
Aurora is OBSESSED with my parents cat, Eric Dickerson. My parents named him after a football player because they thought he resembled him, haha.
My mom’s birthday was at the beginning of November, so instead of a gift, I decided to take her to the local casino and give her money to gamble….ha! I love going to the casino and I haven’t been in a while so I wanted to go too! She ended up winning on the slot machines with the money I gave her (yay!) and then she decided to buy us both is for $25 each in roulette. Roulette was so much fun and my mom ended up cashing out for $150! I won there too and ended up breaking even, but I was so glad my mom won on her birthday trip!
When we got home, we got ready to go to my Grandma’s house to food prep for Thanksgiving. Anthony and my dad went out to dinner while we were stuffing the turkey, and then Anthony went to hang out with friends for the night and I stayed back because both the girls weren’t feeling well and I didn’t want to leave my parents with two sick girls!
Thanksgiving morning we all got ready and went to see my Grandma Toni at her house and then after about an hour and a half, it was nap time for Aurora and Claire. Anthony and I took Aurora back to my parents to nap and Hailey stayed back with my parents to hang out a little longer. When they got back, Anthony stayed with Aurora until she woke up and the rest of us headed to my Grandma Donna’s house for Thanksgiving dinner.
Grandma Toni with her great grandkids! 
My mom has a big family, she is one of six, so there are a lot of people at my Grandma Donna’s for all events! A lot of my cousins have kids now too, so my girls have other kids to play with!
My Aunt Beth brought the kids crafts to do to keep them busy. All the kids were so excited to make Christmas ornaments!
It was nice to spend some time with family!
Dinner was great and we were all very tired, so we went back to my parents house at the girls bed time and went to bed shortly after them!
Friday afternoon, Anthony and I packed up and headed to Maumee, OH to visit our friends Andy and Erin, who recently moved from Charlotte to Ohio. There house was on the way to Michigan, and since we were going to the Michigan football game on Saturday, this was the perfect chance for us to visit!
Anthony and I stopped for lunch in Mentor, OH at Melt Bar and Grilled. Melt is a grilled cheese restaurant that was featured on Man vs Food and other food shows and we have never been, so we wanted to try it! Anthony got a grilled cheese with pulled pork, ham, fried pickles and Swiss cheese. I opted for the combo that had soup, salad and half of a regular grilled cheese with the cheese of your choice.
We hung out with Erin, Andy and Erin’s family before going out to dinner. Then, we opted for a low-key night and just went back to the house, talked and watched football.
Saturday we were up early to head to Ann Arbor for the 12 o’clock Michigan vs Ohio State game. When we got there, we found a breakfast restaurant where we could get a Bloody Mary. We also decided to split a strawberry banana crepe and some breakfast potatoes. I am not usually a sweet breakfast person, but the crepe was really good!
Michigan hung in there and made it more of a game than we thought we would get, but in the end they just couldn’t pull off the W. I was really hoping Anthony could see a Michigan victory!
After sitting in traffic FOREVER, we finally made it to our hotel. We waited a bit and then ubered to Grizzly Peak Brewery. We had a couple drinks and dinner and then went back to the hotel.
While we were gone, the girls had a blast with my family. My parents, sister, Claire, brother-in-law, Grandma Toni and my Aunt Shelley took the girls to the Children’s Museum Saturday morning. They had a blast! They got to spend a lot of time with my parents, Jess, Brian and Claire and did lots of crafts! I got a lot of picture updates too!
Eating veggie straws out of the fish game! 
Sunday, we headed back to my parents house to watch football and just relax before heading back home on Monday.
We have a busy but great trip! Now I am looking forward to all things Christmas….and getting back to my workout routine!!! Almost 27 hours of sitting in the car between all the trips for me, and ZERO actual workouts!!! I am in DIRE NEED OF routine again!