Teaching Kids to Give Back and Be Grateful

I am a people pleaser. I try to make everyone feel good and do small acts of kindness everyday, whether it be letting a car in ahead of me or letting the person with just a couple items go before me in the grocery line. This time of year, there are so many other opportunities to help others and I am excited to get my girls involved! Tis’ the season of gratitude and generosity!

Now that Hailey is six, I feel like it is time to start talking to her about helping others that aren’t as fortunate as she is and to teach her that she is very lucky to have all that she does.

Girl Scouts has been a big help because they focus a lot on helping others too! Aurora has had to tagalong to several small Girl Scout field trips, so even though she is only two, I try to explain to her what we are doing and why we are doing it. The first field trip was to Goodwill where we brought bags of clothes to donate and learned about what they were all about. Definitely a good lesson on helping others!

Then, Hailey and I ran the Pay It Forward 5K and got $240 at the end of the race to use to help others!

We ran the race for her Girl Scout troop and gave our money to them to use for service projects this year. They have already used some of it to make cat and dog toys to give to the animals at our local Humane Society. That same day the girls (Aurora and I too) took a trip there to take the toys and other donations to the animals.

Other than Girl Scouts being a part of my girls helping others, my women’s life group is sponsoring three boys through the Christian Mission and the girls helped me with that too. I am in charge of getting a Paw Patrol toy for a four year old. I made sure to explain to the girls why we were buying the toys and had them come with me to help pick everything out.

I also make a point to let the girls give money to The Salvation Army when they are ringing the bell outside the grocery store.

I am hoping that actively teaching the girls to be gracious, generous and grateful for what they have at a young age will help mold them into being that way forever.