Five Reasons Why I Love My Husband: Five on Friday #30

Since Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, I decided to get a little sappy over here today. January and February are challenging months for us. Anthony works a ton and is very busy, and I am usually cooped up inside the house all day because of the weather, sicknesses, etc., so we couldn’t be on more different pages in the beginning months. He is exhausted and wants to chill out quietly and then go to bed when he gets home from work, and he wants to stay at home and relax on the weekends. I want to talk, talk, talk when he gets home and get out of the house any chance I can get on the weekends.

These days can get a bit taxing, so I thought I would give credit where credit is due and brag on my husband a bit.

ONE- He makes time for his kids no matter what.

I was going to say, “He is an amazing father,” but I felt like that was too cliché. He IS an amazing father, but the fact that he works so much and still manages to be present so much too, makes him that much more amazing.

If he knows he is going to have a late night, he always tries to be there for breakfast in the morning or he tries to take Hailey to school so she can see him at least a little bit that day.

He has coached several of Hailey’s sports teams with weekday practices, and if he wasn’t the coach, there have been days where he would get out a little early just to go watch a practice, knowing very well he has to work really late the next day because of it. He makes it work. And that is a great father.

TWO- He is such a hard worker to provide for our family.

Anthony’s work ethic is one like I’ve never seen. He is so determined to be the best he can be at work for the sake of our family. I have been on many vacations because of his hard work, and though sometimes it might be taxing on me, I always go back and remember that he is doing it for all four of us.

From our most recent work trip to New Orleans. 

THREE- He understands that in our case, opposites attract. 

Anthony and I have similar interests and values, which I think is important in a marriage, but we couldn’t be more different personality wise. I am a karaoke loving, loud, attention seeker who loves meeting new people and making people laugh. At least I try to make people laugh?! Anthony is quiet and reserved most of the time and doesn’t like being in the spot light.

I am thankful that he puts up with the craziness of being married to me!

FOUR- He will always help around the house.

We each have our “chores” that we do around the house. He keeps up with the outside (lawn, pool, plants, yard, etc.) and I keep up with the inside. If we are having people over or throwing a party, I can always count on Anthony to pitch in and help out inside. When he is home, he will cook, clean up after the girls and he is the one who scrubs the showers and bathtubs because that usually needs some man power!

This is how Anthony cleans the stainless steal, ha! 

FIVE- He is my voice of reason. 

Women can be a little dramatic at times…shocker! He always has a way of talking me through a situation and making me realize that I shouldn’t been worrying about petty things. He puts things into perspective and calms me down when I need to be calmed.

With allll of that said, lets be real. Anthony and I have had our fair share of arguments in our almost TEN YEARS of marriage. Marriage is work…for everyone! I think if each of us takes a minute to look at all the good things in our relationships it can make us forget or look past the not-so-good things!

Also, Anthony hates Valentine’s Day, so we don’t celebrate it. BUUTTT, I scheduled Hailey’s second quarter parent teacher conference on the 14th, along with a babysitter, so we just happen to have a kidless dinner date planned! See, opposites attract!