Super Bowl Party 2018

It was Hailey’s first full week of school last week since before Christmas and she was certainly feeling it! On Friday night, she was so tired asked to go to bed at 5PM!

She slept in Saturday morning and then we headed to her basketball game. After the game, her and I went out to lunch and then she had her first ever Girl Scout cookie booth.

This is how Aurora watched part of the game, haha! 

I guess one night of decent sleep wasn’t enough to get her back on track because when we went home to get ready for her school’s Father/Daughter dance, she hit a major wall! There were lots of tears, which is so unlike her, so we decided to let her take a 45 minute nap and be a little late for the dance.

When she woke up, I got her ready really quick and then they were off!

She had a blast!

She slept in even later on Sunday morning which was just what I was hoping for because we were having some friends over for the Super Bowl!

After an eight mile run, it was time to starting prepping for the big game!

I didn’t end up taking a lot of pictures that night which I was bummed about! I did get some pictures of the snacks I had out before anyone came.

Cheese plates

Soft pretzel tray

Spinach dip and buffalo chicken dip

Meatballs with hot pepper jelly and Sriracha garlic BBQ sauce- great combo!

We actually had meatballs for dinner too but I really wanted to try the sauce combo on those ones above, so I made them anyway! Anthony made his Italian Grandma’s meatball recipe and they were a hit!

Brittany made Texas Caviar and it was delicious! I can’t believe I’ve never made it myself and that is definitely going to change! Jaime brought desserts which were all so good! She made a toffee cake and two different kinds of edible cookie dough! Yum! Needless to say, no one went home hungry!

And here are some of the kids crammed around a small table eating! We are missing Colton, Livia and Stella in this kids picture!

I also took a picture on Hailey’s instax camera for her and I thought it turned out great! She put it up on her vanity mirror in her room which I thought was the cutest!

It was a good game, good halftime show and a great time with friends!

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