Snow Day House Organizing

I was so unproductive the first two snow days last week. My house was a mess, we played in the snow, ate bad food…it was fun, but on Friday, the third snow day, I knew I had to accomplish SOMETHING after sitting inside for 72 hours!

I follow some home organizers on Instagram and I am always so jealous of their work! I recently saw some organized pantry pictures so I had an itch to organize mine. And mine was bad!!


When we built our house, we didn’t have a coat/cleaning closet, which I totally miss! We have kept most of our cleaners and brooms in the pantry because it’s big and the littlest child couldn’t get in. Well, Aurora can now open doors, so it really doesn’t matter where anything is at this point. I moved all the cleaners and brooms under the sink or in the laundry room which gave us a lot of space for actual panty items.

During Aurora’s nap on Friday, Hailey (for a little bit) and I went to work.

So many garbage bags full of expired and stale food! I am so glad I did it because I feel like it looks so much better now!

When Aurora woke up from her nap, I decided I wanted to get some containers to store some of the food in, so we went to Target.

I tried to put “groups” of food in certain containers. It has helped to minimize boxes and make it look “cleaner.”

I still have a couple more containers to buy, but I am so excited about how it looks!

I even got so excited that I cleaned out the lazy susan.

I found an unopened parsley that expired in 2015…so clearly, it needed to be done.

On a productivity standpoint, we also got both girls Valentine’s done!

And then, Hailey and Aurora made their own mini cake.

After two days of just playing and having a great time, I am glad we got something in the house cleaned! Now for the refrigerator…