Recent Eats

I thought I would write a post of some of the things I’ve been eating lately. This was all part of last week and weekends meals and snacks.

Lets start with breakfast! I don’t usually eat an early morning breakfast. I wake up and have a cup of coffee and then head to the Y. I don’t like to eat before a workout, so my breakfast is usually around 10:30-11:00. With that being said, I am usually starving by that point and love to have something quick and full of protein to snack on as I whip up something more satisfying.

Shredded buffalo chicken that I snacked on while making my real breakfast.

Here are a couple things I ate for breakfast last week.

BLT wrap: a little bit of light mayo, lettuce, tomato and bacon 

Open-faced English muffin with avocado, egg, a little bit of cheese and tomato

Egg white omelet with avocado, tomato, onion and goat cheese from Patisserie Café

Lunch for me is usually a salad, and last week I made the same one almost everyday.

This has spring mix with avocado, tomato, onion, shredded chicken, cheese, crushed tortilla chips and avocado ranch dressing.

On Saturday, I had extra time between my massage and hair appointment, so I stopped at Joel’s Asian Grill and had some sushi.

Crab, cucumber, cream cheese

We went out to dinner at lot this week, which is rare for us. On Wednesday, when our playdate got sick, Hailey wanted to go to dinner. We went to Barcelona Burger. I ate my burger open-faced and it was so so good!

Barcelona classic with the sauce on the side and a side kale berry salad.

This is spaghetti squash that I grew from my garden!! I just added some pasta sauce, mozzarella and red pepper flakes.

On Friday, Anthony and I had a date night and went to Ghostface Brewery in Mooresville. He got the chicken parmesan Stromboli and I got a veggie pizza.

Forgot to take the picture before digging in AGAIN! (insert eye roll emoji) 

Does beer count as a part of dinner?!

I also took pictures of a couple of my snacks this week. I am a big snacker! I usually eat smaller meals because I like to snack all throughout the day.

Cottage cheese with salt and pepper.

This might strike people as weird, but I do this almost every night. I grab one of the girls little bowls and fill it with a bunch of different salty snacks. I don’t have much of any one thing so I can have a variety. I also just want to say that we have a lot of weird snacks at my house right now because of the beach trip and long car ride. I haven’t had a combo in years, but the girls picked them at a gas station on the way home from the beach.

Pretzels, cheesy popcorn, baked Cheetos, taki’s (very hot and yummy rolled up tortilla chips), combos and hot fries. 

And wine…of course!

I plan to do another post like this when I don’t eat out as much, but this is what last week looked like for me! I hope you all have a great Monday!