Pumpkins, Mums, Soccer, Sushi and a Beer Festival!

That’s a big title, but we had such a busy weekend and ended up all over the place! Friday, the kids swam in the hot tub, and actually went into the pool despite it only being 78 degrees! And when the girls were in bed, Anthony and I enjoyed some hot tub time too!

Saturday, we were up and ready pretty early for Hailey’s second soccer game of the season! She played goalie for the first 10 min of the game and blocked some goals! ANDDD…she scored her first goal too!! Proud soccer mom over here!

After soccer, Hailey changed into her pumpkin shirt, to match Aurora and I (cheesy fall mom!), and we headed to get our pumpkins and mums! I should mention that Anthony came too, however, he just did not wear a pumpkin shirt.

We went to a place close by that has a ton of great choices for pumpkins and also has games for the kids to play!

Pumpkin bowling!

Football toss

This is the best picture of the three of us we could get! Aurora was distracted by all the pumpkins!

When we got home, Anthony and Hailey went to work on decorating the house outside while I did some housework inside and Aurora napped. Anthony is the decorator of the family, so I leave all that kind of stuff to him!

When Aurora woke up, she wanted to help too!

I think Anthony (and the girls) did a great job and it came out awesome!

Mid-decorating I got a Facebook update about a local Beer Festival going on until 7PM that day, so of course we decided to stop being productive and go have fun outside with friends!

Oh, Aurora.

It was called the Lakefront Hops Festival and it had 13 different breweries from around the area showcasing 3-4 different beers of their choice. Our friends Josh, Janelle, Stella and Dana came by to enjoy some beers with us too!

Then, we said bye to our friends, and headed to a late dinner at Pisces, a local sushi bar that everyone raves about but we have never been to. I can’t believe we waited so long because it was so so good! Anthony and I got Karyu sushi roll, which was a spicy tuna roll topped with avocado, spicy aioli, grilled jalapenos and sriracha.

Hailey ordered sushi off the kids menu too!

And Aurora had the kids bento box.

For dinner, I got the hibachi shrimp and scallops and Anthony got the hibachi chicken and it was all amazing!

The girls stayed up way past their bedtime, but did pretty good considering! I would HIGHLY recommend Pisces to anyone, and I can’t wait to go back and try something else on their menu!

Sunday, I ran 8.5 miles, went grocery shopping and then took Hailey to her first birthday party for someone in her Kindergarten class! It was nice to actually talk with some of the moms and dads of the students in her class and get to see some of the little ones she hangs out with all day!

We came home to watch football and Gammie and Papa Keith stopped over for a little bit too. Aurora also got her first lesson in leaf throwing from a pro!

It was a great FALL weekend and I can’t wait for all the other fall things to come!