Preschool Reunion to Support Crews and his Leukemia Journey

On Saturday morning, a couple moms from Hailey’s old preschool group put together a party to celebrate Crews starting Kindergarten. In April, Crews found out he had Leukemia and him and his family have been going through some rough treatments ever since. The first six months is the worst and he was not able to start Kindergarten in August because he couldn’t be around other kids in fear of getting sick. Crews still has 2 1/2 years of treatment ahead of him, but he is now able to start Kindergarten, which is so so exciting!! And definitely something to celebrate!

He lost his first tooth in the bouncy house at his party! 

Hailey was so excited to see all the kids she went to preschool with for four years! She misses them all so much. They played in the bounce house, played inside, ate lunch and had cake!

Hailey made Crews a sweet card too!

I am so lucky to know all these little kids and their families! We are all so happy that Crews is doing much better and that he is finally able to go to Kindergarten!!

After the party, Hailey wanted to get a manicure and pedicure. She has been saving her birthday money since September for this, so she was very happy we finally had time to go! She loved every minute of it!

When we got home, Uncle Joseph (Anthony’s brother) was at our house watching football with Anthony. We all decided to go to Ghostface Brewery for drinks and dinner. Davidson Pizza Company is in the brewery, so they have a ton of food options.

I sat in the back with the girls…and we took some blurry selfies and played with snapchat filters the whole time! 

We met some of our other friends there too and had a blast!

We had a fun Saturday, except Penn State losing again…that was pretty awful! Now, I have to get the house cleaned and get myself all packed for Colorado on Thursday! Andrew McMahon here we come!