Parents Getaway to Denver, Colorado Part 2

Here is the second part of our vacation! We left off on Friday afternoon. After we ate tacos and burgers at 5280 Burger Bar, we headed back to the hotel for a bit. As we were walking in, Andrew McMahon, the singer we came to Colorado to see, was walking out of our hotel! Anthony and I were both star struck and froze. He was moving at a pretty quick pace out the door, but we definitely regret not saying anything!

Around 3 o’clock we decided to go back to the restaurant we ate lunch at on Thursday, Rialto Café , because we knew they had an awesome happy hour!

Anthony’s Moscow Mule was $5 and my Cab was $4! A big thumbs up to that!

When we started to get hungry, we ordered the mussels, which were great!

Then, a little while later, we order filet mignon nachos. I have never had steak on nachos before but I would definitely do it again!

After that, we decided to go find another brewery to hang out at for the rest of the night. We went back to our hotel and took an Uber to Spangalang Brewery.

We decided to play scrabble and sip on some beer until we were ready to go back to the hotel.

And like the crazy parents we are, we were in bed really early Friday night too!

Again, we woke up around 5AM…WHYYYY!!!!! I worked out in the hotel gym again and then we got ready to go to breakfast. One of the more popular breakfast spots in downtown Denver is Syrup. I saw someone with the Ultimate Bloody Mary, so I had to try it! It had a skewer of pepper jack cheese, olives, spicy capicola and pepperoncini…YUM! Anthony opted for a hot chocolate, which was really good too!

The food pictures aren’t amazing, but it all tasted good! They have “smashed tots” as their potato, and they did not skimp on those! I kind of wish they would have had breakfast potatoes or hash browns as an option instead. I could have done without the tots.

I got the Jalapeno Popper omelet, which had bacon, jalapenos, jalapeno cream cheese and cheddar cheese. Anthony got their signature benedict called The Cherry Creeker, which was made with slow cooked corned beef hash.

After breakfast, we went back to our hotel to chill out and watch some football…it is so awesome that college football starts at 10AM there! Then, around 11AM, we made our way out to walk about and find a place to watch football before the concert. We ended up at Burnt Barrel. We started out with some sodas because at this point we were so exhausted from the time difference and all of the going out. Then, we got some boneless dry-rub chicken wings to share and I didn’t think boneless wings were blog worthy at the time so I didn’t take a picture. Well, I was wrong. These boneless wings were amazing. Burnt Barrel uses as many locally sourced ingredients in all their menu items as they can, which I thought was great.

After we had the boneless wings, we decided to move to the bar and order some drinks. The concert doors opened at 5 and we had to go to will call and pick up our tickets before that, so we decided to share a philly cheesesteak because we knew we weren’t going to be able to eat dinner.

We went back to our hotel to freshen up and then took an Uber to the concert venue, The Ogden Theatre.

We got our tickets around 4PM and the line was already over 100 people long. It was a very intimate concert, so 100 people in line was a lot! Luckily, there was a brewery right next door called Alpine Dog Brewing Co., so we hung out there and had a drink before getting in line.

We got VIP tickets this time, which allowed us upper level access, and we ended up getting a really good spot right by the railing and could see everything!

The concert was awesome and lasted until almost 10:30PM. We didn’t get to bed until midnight that night, which was WAYY different then the previous two nights, and when our alarms went off at 5AM to get up for the airport the next morning, we had finally got used to the time change and DID NOT WANT TO GET UP!!

I was exhausted all day Sunday, but it was totally worth it! We had a great trip and the concert was definitely the highlight!

Although it is nice to have some time away without the girls, we both missed them so so much while we were gone and couldn’t wait to hug and cuddle them on Sunday afternoon!

Denver, Colorado is an awesome place and I would go back for sure! I couldn’t talk Anthony into going on hike with me this time, but next time it is definitely on my list!