OBX 2017 Part Two

Wednesday, July 12th, was Anthony and my 9 year anniversary! We took a beach walk together in the morning and ended up seeing five or six dolphins really close to the sand diving after a school of fish. It was so cool!

You can kind of see the fin of a dolphin right behind the wave, and there is another one just to the left of that one too. I did get some pretty cool videos!

Since we knew we’d be in OBX for our anniversary this year, we asked my parents if we could have a day date sans kids! We went to Uncle Ike’s Sandbar and Grill.

We both got a different signature drink off their cocktail menu. Anthony got the Beach Rum Runner and I got the Orange Crush but subbed soda water for sprite to make it less sugary. Both very good!

We had the Firecracker Shrimp for an appetizer which was AMAZING! Their firecracker sauce was so good!

I ended up getting an appetizer for my entrée. I was going to get a salad, but Anthony talked me into getting something different because we only come to the Outer Banks ever so often, so I opted for the jumbo lump crab dip which was really good!

Anthony got fish-n-chips which was also really good! No complaints about Uncle Ike’s!

My sister and brother-in-law (Jess and Brian), found a pond (maybe lake?… something like that) with turtles, fish and ducks, so we took bread and went to feed the them.

The turtles would come right up on land and there were so many of them! The ducks would stand right at our feet waiting for food. The kids loved it!

Sisterly bonding walking back to the house.

Okay, that’s a total LIE! What is actually happening here is that Hailey was trying to hold Aurora’s hand and she wanted nothing to do with it…but it made for a cute picture I guess!

We had Mexican night for dinner with so many different options! Mahi, steak, chicken and shrimp for the proteins and lots of toppings! Yum!!

Then we took another late stroll to the beach. My parents, sister and I took a beach selfie!

Uncle Brian pulled Claire and Aurora on the boogie board. Then when the kids went to bed, the adults played Cards Against Humanity.

Thursday, I took Hailey for a beach walk/jog. She loves running with Anthony and I.

We did our usual pre-nap beach time.

Anthony and Brian dug holes for the girls. They all had a blast splashing in them when a big wave would fill them up!

Then it was our big group dinner night. Every time we go to the Outer Banks, we go to Sunset Grille and Raw Bar. The food is always good and they have good indoor and outdoor seating and atmospheres.

It was really windy outside, so my dress and Anthony’s hair was all over the place, but we had taken a picture outside Sunset Grille the day after he proposed, so I wanted another one. It has been a little over 10 years since he proposed (June 26, 2007) in the Outer Banks (with both of our families and a lot of my extended family there) and I guess since it was our anniversary the day before, I was feeling a little sentimental.

Throwback picture from 2007 at Sunset Grille.

Thursday night we had a pool night after dinner, and more adult Nintendo when the kids went to bed.

Friday was pretty low key. Lots of packing up and getting rid of things we couldn’t take home. Anthony and I took the girls shopping and to lunch and then we hung out at the pool throughout the afternoon and had burgers for dinner.

Hailey couldn’t boogie board in the ocean that day so she did it in the pool instead!

We all took an evening walk to say goodbye to the ocean.

We had an awesome vacation! Great weather, great food, great drinks and the best people around!