OBX 2017 Part One

What an awesome trip to the Outer Banks! This is my first family trip post blog and I am so excited to re-live it while writing two separate posts! There are just too many pictures to do it all in one,especially since I am starting before vacation and adding that the day before we left Hailey begged to chop her hair!

It was such a pain to brush after being at the pool and she knew short hair would be easier. Oh, and as I am trying to pay attention to Hailey (because ALOT of my attention goes to Aurora on a daily basis), Aurora takes her pants off!! Please tell me second children listen eventually!?

Speaking of Aurora, she was NOT feeling the car trip at all!! This picture taken right before we left sums up her thoughts of sitting in a car for 7 and a half hours (dang OBX traffic!). A lot of screaming and whining and crying took place. We do the 9ish hour trip to PA all the time so I think it’s just the age and hopefully she will grow out of it.

We ended up making it to the house at almost the same time as my parents after we both sat in a ton of traffic getting into Corolla.

My mom and I ran to the grocery store and when we got back my sister, brother-in-law and niece were there! Popsicles for all!

After we got situated, we took a walk down to the beach.

Then we had an easy dinner of hot dogs and sliders. Thanks for grilling Papa Deano!

Brother-in-law, sister-in-law selfie.

Annnddd…a couple Jager bombs to finish the first night!

Sunday morning, Aurora helped grandma with breakfast! I love this picture!

I am happy to say I did workout every morning after breakfast…usually I ran 4 miles, but it was a half mile walk to the beach from our house so I made sure I did that twice to get in 6 miles a day. Plus, there were soooo many stairs at the house I felt like I got a great workout just walking from room to room! Then, it was off to the beach!

I also LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture!

Frisbee with Uncle Brian and Aunt Jessi!

Sand play for the little ones!

And…a sister selfie!

Aunt Jessi brought paint and Aurora was so excited because I NEVER let her paint…for obvious reasons! I mean, have you seen her eat!?

Grandma and Papa Deano bought Hailey some Legos that Anthony was helping the little ones with!

And Uncle Brian and Aunt Jessi brought a TON of video games! We had a blast playing old school Dr. Mario and Tetris one on ones! The adults played Texas Hold’em that night too and my mom and I were the last two standing and split the money. So fun!

Monday we had an awesome breakfast!

Claire and Aurora were very happy about Duck Donuts! Can you blame them!?

Hailey gets a little too excited about vacation and doesn’t sleep well and plays hard…that does not make for a good combo! So, when we finally got her to take a nap, Anthony and I took Aurora out to lunch and icecream! This was probably the most well-behaved she’s been out to eat in a while.

Anthony and I shared these little crab bites, which were really good!

And some mussels, which were also really really good!

Aurora had popcorn shrimp for lunch and finished it off with some homemade icecream.

Everyone was happy when we got back and were loving on grandma!

We did homemade pizza night for dinner and the kids were excited to make their own!

So were we!

They approved of their creations!

We took a late night stroll to the beach to play and look for crabs.

Photo bomb by Hailey!

Claire and Aurora.

Beautiful girl!

Anthony caught a crab in Hailey’s new net and everyone was very excited!

On Tuesday, Aunt Jessi made pancakes for breakfast..haha!

Then it was boogie boarding time!

And more sand time for Claire and Aurora!

My parents went to lunch and sent us a cute selfie!

And then it was seafood night courtesy of Aunt Jessi! We had king crab legs and risotto…

Steak and grilled veggies…


And Shrimp.

The aftermath!

Then, pie in the face!!

This was only three and a half days in and we all had a blast! Part two to come soon!