My Week of Workouts

I love a good sweaty cardio workout. My go-to workout is running, but in the last month or so I’ve been trying to expand my cardio horizons instead of just running day after day. For the longest time, I was running 40+ miles a week with some lifting and abs thrown in. I wasn’t training for anything and my body was so used to running I knew I needed to change things up. I’ve recently started doing more classes at the YMCA and I love it!

The girls both had a Pete the Cat camp at their preschool last week, so I had to adjust my workout times and classes a bit to make sure I had time to shower and pick them up. Here is what my workouts looked like last week…

A glimpse at my cute little Pete the Cats!

SUNDAY- 8.5 miles on my road

I have a treadmill that I have been running on instead of running outside since November, but we are having our basement finished so I have been forced to run outside again. Our road is VERY hilly and an awesome workout. I miss being able to catch up on my shows on Sunday mornings, but it’s definitely a better workout running outside!

MONDAY- 3 miles on the treadmill; 1 mile on the elliptical; 2o min of lifting shoulders, biceps, triceps; 30 min Insanity class

I recently took out a couple miles to take a 30 min Insanity class. It is all high intensity cardio like burpees, skaters, jump squats, etc. that make for a great addition to my Monday!

TUESDAY- 50 min Barre class; 50 min Cardio Strength class

Barre is the lowest impact workout that I do, but it’s such a nice change. My legs are always shaking and burning! Cardio Strength is a mix of high intensity cardio (similar to Insanity) with the addition of free weights, push ups and abs.

WEDNESDAY- 6 mile run on my road

This is different than normal, but since the girls were BOTH in camp all week from 9-12, I wanted to take advantage at least one day and get stuff done! I ran early and had almost the whole three hours to run errands.

THURSDAY- 3 miles on treadmill; 1 mile on elliptical; 50 min Cardio Ballistic class

Cardio Ballistic is a cardio class where you use a big exercise ball (just like it sounds!). I’ve only taken it twice now, but it works different muscles than I’m used to and I love it!

FRIDAY- 2 miles on treadmill, 1.5 miles on elliptical; 50 min Defend class

Defend is a kickboxing class that is also new-t0-me. It’s fun cardio that again, works muscles I’m not used too and I was really sore the next day.

SATURDAY- This is usually my off day.

I did take the girls on a one mile stroller walk. Between the hills, the extra 70+ pounds I was pushing and the flat tire, I was sweating by the end of it!


What is your go-to workout?



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  1. a very aggressive workout schedule. you may need to throw a couple more off days in per month!!

    1. Don’t worry Dad, I’ll be taking some days off at the beach in a couple weeks!

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