My Top 5 Favorite TV Shows Of All Time (Plus a couple more)

I am a big TV watcher. I don’t watch TV all day long or anything, but when the girls go to bed, I have plenty of shows to catch up on! First, I have a confession to make…I am a reality TV junkie…there I said it! I would be lying if I said The Real Housewives (mostly all of them), Big Brother, Southern Charm, Vanderpump Rules…basically any Bravo show, aren’t near the top of my list of shows to watch. With that said, I am not including reality TV in my list, but if I was, RHOC might be up there (oh the entertainment!!).

One of the ways I figure out what shows are my ultimate favorites is by thinking about when I watch them. If I HAVE to watch the show live because I don’t want any spoilers given away or just because I can’t wait for it to be on, I know it’s one my all time favorites! Some shows sit on my DVR for days and even though I like them, they wouldn’t make my top list.

In no real order, here are my top five!


This show is the reason I decided to blog about TV shows today! Season two premiered this Tuesday and oh man was it good! You know it’s a good show when you’ve seen the sneak peek trailer a bunch of times, but when the actual scene comes on, you still bawl your eyes out! This show relates to so many people and is such a rollercoaster to watch…in a good way! Now that I am a mom, I love a family oriented show and I love the fact that there are so many unanswered questions each episodes so you can’t wait for the next one! I look forward to This Is Us every week and it never disappoints.


This show is VERY similar to This Is Us, which I think is why I liked it so much! It is off the air now, but if you like This Is Us, it would definitely be a good one to go back and watch! It tackles many common family issues and is very relatable!


I know a lot of people who would say this is one of the all time greatest sitcoms, and I feel the same way! I could watch Friends re-runs all day and never get sick of them! It seems like every time I am running in a hotel gym, Friends is on, and I never hesitate to watch it! I still find myself quoting this show all the time and I still love the cast!


I was hesitant to add this to my top five because it is one of those shows that I sometimes miss live and don’t really care if I have to watch it a couple days later. I think it is because it has been on for soooo many years. With that said, I could never stop watching it completely because I am so invested and if I ever seem to think it just isn’t that good anymore, something happens to real me back in! The cast has changed a lot in the many years it has been on, but the current cast is one of my favorites and I am excited for the new season to start tonight!


This may be a controversial choice, but my husband and I got really into Dexter a few years ago and binge watched every season. (I read a couple of the books too!) This may be the only show I’ve ever binged watched and I thought it was clever and it always kept you on the edge of your seat! There were episodes and story lines a bit more disturbing than others, but that did not keep me from watching each one! If you’ve never seen it, Dexter works for the police department as a blood spatter expert who helps solve cases, but it turns out he is also a serial killer who only kills the guilty and sometimes works on his own murders.

If I had a sixth, it would be SUITS….I love that show, but haven’t see the beginning seasons!

Those are my top five (well, now six) shows of all time…I think! It was so hard to pick five, so I made a short list of other contenders. I am sure I am missing some!



And I also made a list of some of the top shows other people watch or have watched, but I just never watched them, or have only seen a few episodes.


I am sure there are so many more to name, but these are the ones I could think of off the top of my head!

What are your favorite TV shows?