I Bought Face Makeup and I Like it!

I have never been one to wear “face makeup.” I wear mascara ALL THE TIME, eye shadow most days and the occasional under eye liner if I am going out. That has been the extent of my makeup routine for as long as I can remember. Don’t get me wrong, I own some cheap blush and I have some cheap powder/foundation to try to cover up blemishes if I am going out occasionally, but that’s it!

Recently, I noticed that I am getting older and my face just doesn’t look as young as it used to. I also blame the “pretty filters” on social media for making me even more insecure than I already am! They just make your face look so darn flawless!

I decided to go to Ulta and ask for a lesson in “face makeup” so I could buy the right products if I liked what I saw…and I did! I thought it made a difference so I went for it!

Let’s start with what I put on first. I got this Bare Minerals liquid foundation. Half a pump for one side of my face and then another half a pump for the other side. Easy enough!

It goes on really easy with this brush.

Let me digress for one second. Part of the reason I have never gotten makeup like this before is because I am cheap. I understand that it lasts a long time, but it is so hard for me to spend a ton on makeup. They wanted to sell me a $30 brush for my foundation but I couldn’t do it, so the woman showed me a similar brush (seen above) for $7.99. SOLD! And I think it works just fine!

Then I put on a bronzer. The woman told me to move the brush in an upside down three on both sides of my face. Again, easy enough! I got this Urban Decay shimmering powder and I like it because it’s not too overwhelming.

Funny story. There are two compartments to the bronzer: the actual bronzer itself (pictured above) and there is also a brush in a compartment underneath. I had no idea. A couple weeks after buying it, I accidently opened up the brush side and that’s how I figured it out. I really am new at this!

Lastly, I bought this Laura Gellar palette that has blush, highlighter, eye shadow and lip gloss.

I use the blush and highlighter every time I wear all the face makeup, and I love lip gloss…that comes with me everywhere I go! I have other eye shadow that I am into right now so I haven’t really used that part of this palette yet.

And that’s it! That what I got from Ulta and I feel like it gives me a new, fresh look when I wear it all!

I took this picture right after the woman at Ulta put all of that on my face in the store. 

The other stuff I use is Maybelline mascara, Maybelline eyeshadow and if I am doing the whole face makeup routine, I will color in my eyebrows too!

I will say that I thought it was going to take me forever to get ready if I had to put on a bunch of makeup, but it really isn’t that bad. I am liking it a lot and am happy that I finally learned how!