How to get your baby/toddler to enjoy the pool

Summer is just around the corner! With the temperatures warming up, getting into the water with your little ones is always refreshing in those hot months.

Last year we put a pool in at our house. Hailey was four and learned how to swim pretty quick and loved it. Aurora, on the other hand, had just turned one and did not feel the same way. She would get in for a couple minutes and then run around the perimeter of the pool, want me to take her life jacket off and want to go swing instead. It took some time, and I think the older she got, the better she did, but I came up with some ways to help keep the littler kids occupied while swimming.

1- Swim School Tot Trainer: This life jacket shirt is Aurora’s favorite! She started wearing it at the end of last summer which means she would have been a little over one year old. She doesn’t feel confined and can swim around in it without getting her face in the water. She will leave it on even when she gets out of the pool so I’m less nervous about her falling in.

2- Lollipops: Aurora is my messy child, and that is an understatement. All those doctors appointments in a baby’s first year of life means a lot of lollipops being offered, so I found out quickly on a car ride home just how messy they can be…especially if your child fails to use the stick at the end of the actual lollipop!

She loves suckers though, so last year I thought to give her one in the pool and it was genius, if I do say so myself! She is always so happy to get one, it’s mess free in the water and they take a long time to eat. They do sink when dropped, so I’m thankful that her big sister likes to help out and dive down to get it!

3- Personalized Playlists: My girls both love music! When we put the pool in, we purchased a couple Sonos speakers so we could make the music loud enough to hear. We made a couple playlists for different occasions, but we made sure to make some with different songs the girls enjoy too!

We have some Moana, Sing and Trolls, along with songs that they like to sing with Anthony and I when we are in the car or listening to our favorite music at home. It’s a win, win!

4- Swim with friends: This is kind of a no-brainer, but distractions help keep a baby/toddler interested. Other kids laughing and playing games, or multiple adults to swim around with always help Aurora stay in the pool.

5- Different and fun floats: We bought Aurora a couple fun and interactive floats on Amazon last year and she would switch from one to another and stay in for a longer time.

6- Portable High chair with snacks poolside: If your little one just isn’t wanting to be in the pool, you can always set them up within arms length with their favorite snacks so you can enjoy the water!

Do you have any tricks to help keep babies/toddlers in the pool?


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  1. These are genius ideas! We just need more than 1day of warm weather ! Guess I’ll send kids to play at ms Danielle’s 😊

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