Home Organizing: Done at my House…by my Mother-in-Law!

My mother-in-law, Stephanie, has been watching the girls for long weekends a lot in the past two years. Between 2016 and 2017, she has watched the girls while we went to Alabama, California, Colorado and New Orleans. Most of those trips the girls had school, sports or other extracurricular events she had to get them to, so she had to stay at our house to make that all happen. Even with all of that going on, every trip we came home from, she has organized a couple little areas of my house! How great is that! Here are some of things she has done recently!

Craft Area in our Built-in’s

We have built-in’s on both sides of our fire place in the living room that has closed storage at the bottom. On one side, we started putting crafts for Hailey when she was little and now it is jam packed! The doors don’t lock, so Aurora gets into them constantly and I have to be careful about what I put in them now.

On one of our trips, Stephanie sorted everything in the cabinet and put them all into separate labeled boxes!!

Under my Sink in the Bathroom

I have a container under my sink in the bathroom in my room with all the girls hair ties, bows, headbands, bobby pins and anything else hair related. They were all just thrown in and it was up to luck if I could find what I was looking for. Stephanie did the same thing here and organized them into different containers and labeled them all!

Everything in the little containers to the left,were thrown into that big container to the right! 

Books in the Bonus Room

The girls have a little reading nook in the corner of our play room and my friend, Carrie, got Hailey a book shelf for my baby shower that works so well in that space! Stephanie organized all the books in there and then got a separate bin to put all of the upcoming holidays book in. When we left in November, we came home to every Christmas book in that separate bin so the girls could find them easily. When we came home from New Orleans on January 2, we found all our Valentine’s Day books in that bin!

Bonus Room Barbie and Small Doll Area

My parents got Hailey a Barbie Dream House a couple years ago for her birthday, which both of the girls love now! We have accumulated so many Barbie’s, accessories and other dolls they can play with in the house. Both the girls are also obsessed with Shopkins, so we have a TON of those and a plane, and a house and other fun accessories to go with them! Stephanie organized them all into separate bins right next to the Barbie Dream House! She has actually organized this area more than once because once the girls start going crazy, it can get super messy and I usually don’t have the patience to organize everything again…sorry!

Other Things She has Done that are not Pictured

-Organized part of the garage
She got a huge container for all the sports balls and other outside toys we keep in the garage and organized other areas of the garage too.

-Hailey’s Toy Closet
Stephanie (and Hailey) went through all her crafts and LEGOS kept in her closets and organized them.

-Hailey’s Clothes
She went through all of Hailey’s clothes and set aside what didn’t fit her and coordinated her closet and drawers with everything that did.

She also organized several drawers in the kitchen.

As you can see, she is definitely busy when she babysits at our house! We want to make sure she knows how much we appreciate all she does, especially all this stuff she did without us even asking! We thank you so much for all you do!! XOXO