Halloween 2017 and my Selective Cheapness

Another Halloween in the books! And it was a fun one! Aurora didn’t have school on Halloween and Hailey’s school doesn’t do a parade or anything, so they wore their festive outfits one more time for the year!

Anthony got out of work a little early so we could eat dinner and then head over to my friend Jaime’s house to trick-or-treat! Our road is not “trick-or-treatable.” The houses are too far apart and its a long windy road with no side walks, so we are lucky to have great friends who invite us to their house to trick-or-treat!

Jaime made “vampire blood” for the girls to drink before we headed out!

If you didn’t see any of my pictures on social media, the girls were Thing One and Thing Two and I was The Cat In The Hat! The Cat In The Hat is one of the girls favorite shows right now, and they both love reading all Dr. Seuss books, so this was definitely a fun one for all of us!

On Halloween, Jaime was six days away from having her baby, so her husband decided to rent a golf cart incase she didn’t want to walk the whole time. The older girls were running ahead at the beginning, so at first, the golf cart was used to help the little ones keep up!

Then, towards the end, when the older kids were tired from all the sprinting from house to house, they got on too!

The golf cart was such a great idea! Thanks Jason!

On the way home, Hailey was exhausted and fell asleep almost immediately.

Aurora, on the other hand, was asking us to play “Thriller” and “The Beach Boys” and was singing along! My, what different kids we have!

All in all, it was a great Halloween for everyone! And the amount of candy the girls got was UNREAL! Now, if I can just have some willpower not to eat it all!

The day after Halloween was Aurora’s costume parade at school. They had a teacher workday on the 30th, so they moved everything to the 1st. She loved walked around and waving to everyone!

So I know I added “selective cheapness” in the title of this post. Ever since I became a SAHM, I have become cheaper than I once was. Obviously, I don’t make any money now, so that is definitely a big reason why, but I am selectively cheap and sometimes it doesn’t make sense at all. For example, say Anthony and I are out to eat on date night and he orders an appetizer, I will make some comment about how the dinner is going to cost way too much money now or something like that. However, Anthony will have the three dollar Bud Light, and I will order the nine dollar glass of wine, and then have another glass, and I won’t think anything of it. It makes no sense and I know that and I guess I’m working on it, haha.

This “selective cheapness” definitely applies to Halloween. It is hard for me to pay a bajillion dollars on Halloween costumes because I know they will be worn for one night and then put in a box, never to be worn again. Some costumes can be used for dress-up and things like that, but my girls aren’t really big into dress-up right now, so I knew when buying costumes this year, I wanted to try and get a good deal.

Both girls liked the idea of being Thing One and Thing Two when they saw the costumes, so I thought I lucked out. I was buying them from Target.com and at the time, there was a “buy one get one half off” deal. The description of the costume said “Thing 1 & 2 Deluxe Kids Costume” and was $40, so I thought I was getting a great deal for BOTH girls and decided that since I would get half off of another costume, I would get the Cat In The Hat for me because it was only going to be around $11. Fifty dollars for all three of us seemed like a steal!

Well, it turned out I should have read the kids package more thoroughly because when it came there was only one costume in the bag. It threw me off because there were two kids, each wearing a costume on the picture, and it says “Thing 1 & 2” on it as well. Bummer! I had to hurry back online and buy a second costume so it would get here in time for Halloween. I ended up spending almost $100 dollars on costumes that we wore for about three hours. That is frustrating for a selectively cheap person!

Hopefully the girls can use them in school for Dr. Seuss week or something like that so I can feel better about getting my moneys worth! Now if I could only find one of the two “number 2’s” Aurora lost in those 3 hours!