Hailey’s First Sleepover and the Panthers vs the Saints

Hailey’s birthday is September 6th. This year it was particularly difficult to plan a friends birthday party because she had just started Kindergarten at a brand new school with brand new kids. I was going to let her invite her preschool friends one last time, but we decided to go a different route…her first sleepover!

Hailey invited her friend, Emersyn, to sleepover this past Saturday. They have been friends since they were one, and luckily, our family is really close with her family, so we invited her parents and sister over for dinner too!

She wasn’t excited for Emersyn to come over at all…haha! 

I set up a craft table in the basement for the kids, while the adults watched some football.

That didn’t last too long and the girls wanted to go play outside. They jumped on the trampoline and played on the swing set.

We ate dinner, sang happy birthday and Hailey opened her presents!

Aurora actually ended up sleeping over at her Gammie and Papa Keith’s house which is why she is MIA! 

I thought it was the cutest thing that both girls wrote each other notes about how excited they were for their first sleepover!

When Emersyn’s family left, the girls played with Hailey’s new die cutter machine that Gammie got her for the birthday.

Then it was PJ time! Hailey picked out these ADORABLE “best friends” shirts for them to wear to bed!

They watched Moana, which came with a lot of giggles and loud singing, and around 9 o’clock, it was time to turn the movie off and try to get them to go to bed! Surprisingly, they went down pretty good and slept the whole night!

They did wake up a little on the early side. It was 6:42AM when I heard my name being called from the basement. I had plans to get up early that Sunday already though because we were going to the Panthers football game!

The girls ate muffins and yogurt while Anthony made them pancakes! 

They also climbed up the walls, which was making me a nervous wreck! They both made it all the way to the top and were doing it over and over again. I was so close to getting through the whole sleepover with no tears or wounds, so luckily the wall climbing ended with no casualties!

All-in-all the sleepover was a success and they were both asking when they could do it again!

We dropped Emersyn off at home and then headed to Concord to take Hailey to Gammie and Papa Keith’s, where Aurora was, so we could meet up with our friends Josh and Janelle and head to the Panthers game.

Stella photo bomb!

We got to go to a tailgate party that had drinks and food provided! (Thanks Ron!)

I was especially excited about the game because I have Kelvin Benjamin and Michael Thomas on my fantasy football team AND I was playing Josh, who was at the game with us! Michael Thomas scored almost immediately and I was definitely giving Josh a hard time about it! Then, a couple short plays later, Kelvin Benjamin gets hurt…and Josh’s team ended up kicking my butt! Karma!?

It was soooo hot at the game! At one point, Janelle and I went to the bathroom and discovered that in the walkway to get back to the stands, there was air blowing, which felt like a giant fan! We stood their for quite a while and took this selfie so end to the guys so they knew we were okay and just getting some air! Fall…where are you?!

After the game, we decided to walk to dinner instead of sitting in traffic. We went to Cowbell, which did not disappoint! We shared two appetizers. The Sinatra, which is deep fried hand pulled mozzarella dressed with prosciutto, fresh basil and red sauce. We also had the deviled eggs which were served with crispy prosciutto and garlic pickles. Both were really good!

For dinner, I had the PM Burger, which was really good too! It was a beef patty on a pretzel bun with Guinness beer cheese and deep-fried jalapenos. It was suppose to have pulled pork on it also, but I got it on the side. Nothing to complain about here!

We had a fun and busy weekend with great friends!!