Hailey’s First 5K

I love to run! Every time I have run a race up until now, I would train and try to medal. This race was a little different in a couple different ways. Hailey and I ran the Pay it Forward 5K in Mooresville this past Saturday. Since it was just the two of us signed up, I knew I would have to run at her pace. It was definitely weird to run a race and not worry about my time.

The premise of this race was so so cool! When you crossed the finish line, you got a water bottle with money it in. The amounts ranged anywhere between $10-$500! When you got your money, it was up to you how you wanted to “pay it forward.” We ran the race with a couple girls from Hailey’s Girl Scout troop, so we knew that our money was going to that!

Hailey has been training once a week. Nothing hard core, just a two mile jog/walk on our hilly road. She usually stops to walk quite a bit when we run together so I was expecting the same thing at the race. She totally surprised me and ran ALOT of the time!

They had water at the one and two mile marks and she thought it was the coolest thing…especially when you just threw your cup on the ground and kept going! I made sure she knew that this is the only time it is acceptable to litter!

Hailey finished with a chip time of 40:17! I was so impressed!

The first time was our gun time…we started pretty far back. 

We got our water bottles after the race and ended up getting $240 total for her Girl Scout troop for service projects!! So cool! I had $200 in mine and Hailey had $40 in hers!

Anthony and Aurora came at the end to cheer us on at the finish line!

Both girls got their faces painted and they were both pretty excited about the table that had bagels and donuts!

This was by far the best race I am ever run because I got to run with Hailey. She was so motivated throughout the whole race and was so proud of herself for completing it. I was so proud too! And the fact that we got to give $240 to her troop was pretty awesome!

Now we are off to Erie, PA to spend time with family for Thanksgiving! Have a great holiday everyone! You will hear from me next week!