Great Wolf Lodge 2017

Two weeks ago, Anthony and I were talking about what we wanted to do the week before Christmas because he had over a week off! We knew we wanted to watch Christmas movies, make some food and go see Christmas lights, but we wanted to do something with the girls that they have never done.

We both have several friends who have taken their kids to Great Wolf Lodge and they all had such great things to say about their experiences. For those who don’t know, Great Wolf Lodge is an indoor waterpark/hotel with a ton of fun events for kids throughout the stay. I decided to call and see if they had anything available for a week out and much to my surprise, the sweet lady I talked to on the phone gave me a great deal!

We woke up Wednesday morning and decided we were just going to have Aurora nap in the car so we could get there earlier. Maybe not the best of ideas…it’s only about 40 minutes away. Since our room overnight was for Wednesday night, we were allowed to go to the waterpark at 1PM but we didn’t have our room until 4PM. We packed a separate pool bag and left all of our luggage in the car for later.

The girls got their wolf ears and we made our way to get our wrist bands.

Anthony and I decided to switch off with each girl. Aurora was a little timid at first and did not like all the spraying and dumping of water on her head. She warmed up after a while.

Hailey was tall enough to do all but one waterslide and after I did one with her, my paranoid, scaredy-cat mom gene kicked in and Anthony spent most of the rest of the waterpark time with Hailey on the slides!

They both loved the wave pool so that was a place where we could hang out, the four of us!

After a couple hours of playing, we went to our room, which was a Wolf Den Suite. The girls had bunk beds and on the other side of the room, Anthony and I had a Queen bed and a sofa with a TV.

We thought it would be a good idea to go out to dinner instead of getting something there, which was a bad call. We had Aurora, who barely napped and then played hard, so she was exhausted. And the four of us had to shower and get ready and it was already pretty late. While we were out to dinner, Aurora didn’t listen very well and ended up dropping a whole cup of ranch which splashed up onto Anthony’s face and shirt. He was not a happy camper. We cut dinner short and headed back to the hotel.

Aurora and Anthony went back to the room and Hailey and I went to check out what else they had at the hotel. We found an awesome arcade, so we went back to the room and told Anthony and Aurora we had to go play some games before bed!

Every night, there is a story time for the kids and we knew we wanted to try and make it there. The lady who checked me in told me to try and go because it “snows” in the lobby at the end of the story! It started at 8:15, which is really late for my girls, especially Aurora with no nap, so they changed into their PJ’s and we headed to the arcade before the story time to keep them busy.

The girls had a blast at the arcade and won a ton of tickets!

The story time was really cool, but Aurora didn’t make it. She wasn’t listening again and it was way to crowded to let her misbehave, so Anthony took her back to the room and I stayed with Hailey so she could see the snow.

Hailey was exhausted and fell right to sleep when she laid down. Aurora, on the other hand, was excited to be sleeping in the same room as all of us so she stayed up wayyyy too late! They were both up by 6:45AM which I knew was not a good start to day number two!

Since dinner didn’t go well the night before, we decided to just have Anthony go pick up a quick breakfast that we could eat in the hotel room and then head to the waterpark again!

We had to be out of the room by 11AM, but we had access to all the hotel amenities all day Thursday too!

We got to the waterpark a little after 9AM and it was way less crowded than the day before. Hailey got to ride the slides so many times and Aurora and I had a blast in the little kids area.

Hailey loved doing this little obstacle course too!

At about 11:30AM Aurora was done, so her and I got changed and we went to go try to find a place to chill out while Hailey and Anthony stayed to play some more.

We went back to the arcade to play a little more and then walked around the hotel to find other things to occupy us until the other two were done.

It was past nap and she didn’t sleep good at all the last day, so I thought she might fall asleep on a couch or in my lap on a couch at the hotel, but there was way too much going on.

As soon as we started heading home, the girls were OUT!

All in all, it was a great trip! Hailey was at the perfect age to go and Aurora was a little young but still had a blast! We will definitely do it again!