Grandma and Papa Deano, an aquarium, a pumpkin patch and lots of sports watching!

What a weekend! I am exhausted and I have to get the house ready to host my women’s life group tomorrow!

My parents got here on Thursday at 2PM. They left from Pennsylvania Wednesday after work and stopped after about 2.5 hours to go to the casino right at the end of PA. They got here right in time for Aurora to get up from her nap and to get Hailey off the bus. We hung out for a little bit at home and then headed to Barcelona Burger and Beer Garden for an early dinner because Hailey had soccer practice at 6. We walked around the antique shop and a kids consignment sale before dinner too!

Barcelona did not disappoint and everyone loved it!

Anthony came and picked up Hailey for soccer and the rest of us walked around the antique shop for a little longer before heading back home.

The rest of the night was filled with watching football and baseball playoffs!

The girls had off from school on Friday and Anthony took a half day, so my parents, the girls and I headed to Concord Mills to the SEA LIFE Aquarium before Anthony got home from work.

It’s a little pricey for the size of the aquarium I would say, but it was still a great time! Aurora was kissing the fish through the glass, haha!

They have an area where you can touch starfish and other little creatures so Hailey and Papa Deano spent some time doing that. I am more of an observer and not a fish toucher!

They have a little display where the kids can crawl up into a little bubble and actually see all the fish and turtles around them! If you look closely you can see Hailey in the middle and a big turtle right above her head!

After the aquarium, we did a little shopping at Concord Mills mall and Grandma took the girls on the merry-go-round!

Anthony got out of work as we were leaving the mall, so we all met back at home and did some swimming! We turned the pool heater on that morning so it wasn’t too cold.

The Cubs played their first playoff game Friday night, and that’s my parents team, so we watched that and hung out in the basement!

In the morning, the girls made pancakes with grandma and then we all got ready to go to Hailey’s soccer game!

Aurora ended up falling asleep for her nap really early, so I stayed home and let her sleep for a little bit before making it to the last half of the game!

When the game was over, the girls, my mom and I left together to head to Patterson Farms for a pumpkin patch birthday party!

Aurora loved the corn pit and played in there with grandma a lot of the time!

They had spray on face paint and Hailey got in line to get hers done almost immediately!

Aurora, on the other hand, was not a fan of the spray on face paint so they didn’t get very far with hers! They tried to paint some purple flowers over top of the blue, but she wasn’t having that either, so she basically walked around with a blue forehead the whole time!

The girls rode on these little cows pulled my a tractor around the farm. That didn’t make me nervous AT ALL!! (*sarcasm*)

It was such a fun birthday party! Happy Birthday Brooks and Gracelyn!

When we got home, the men were watching football and getting ready for the Cubs second playoff game. The Cubs didn’t fair as well on Saturday night and ended the weekend at 1-1.

On Sunday morning, my parents left before any of us were awake. I ran, did some laundry and got ready to go to my friend Lisa’s baby shower. Josh, Janelle and Stella came over so that Janelle and I could go together and Josh and Anthony could watch football and the kids.

When Janelle and I got back, we all had dinner, let the kids play until bedtime and then I was in bed shortly after that!

It was a long, fun and eventful weekend and now I have one more day to get the house back in order and do some shopping before I host my women’s life group on Wednesday!