Five on Friday #9

It has been a LONG week! Anthony has been gone traveling for work, which isn’t very common in our household, so we are very excited to have him back later today!

I wanted to plan a lot for the girls to do while he was gone. He isn’t home much during the week anyway, but just the fact that he wasn’t home at all made them sad, so I wanted to keep them busy.

Now, in normal Friday fashion, lets get to this weeks Five on Friday!

ONE- Like I just said, I planned a lot for this week to keep us busy. We had two different playdates at two different splash pads! On Tuesday, we met friends at the Birkdale Village splash pad in Huntersville. The girls had a blast and I was so surprised because Aurora actually got all the way in the water! She usually just walks the perimeter and doesn’t want to get her head wet.

Then we got ice cream at Kilwin’s! They have really really good ice cream! Maybe the best I’ve ever had!

Our second splash pad playdate was at Hope Park in Mooresville on Thursday. Aurora was back to her old self just walking the perimeter and then realized we were at a park and just wanted to swing the whole time! Sorry Kim!

TWO- We also kept busy with some pool playdates this week too! Monday, we had our friend Sutton over to swim!

Wednesday, the girls friends Emersyn and Locklyn came to play!

And Thursday we had the girls friends Walton and Linden over to swim and play!

It was such a busy, but fun week!

THREE- A neighbor of mine brought over a couple purple tomatoes for us to eat.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a purple tomato, but he said in his opinion, it’s the best kind of tomato! It isn’t quite ripe enough yet, but I am excited to try it hopefully in the next couple of days!

FOUR- I ordered bracelets and a wave ring from Puravida Bracelets and I love them!

Everything is very affordable and they have free shipping if you spend $20 or more! I also found a 20% off code on Instagram that I used!

FIVE- Our basement renovation is almost done! The painters still have some touch up work, but other then that, the rest of the work left is for Anthony and I.

We ordered all the furniture we need, so we are just waiting for that. We have to go through all the storage rooms and organize them. And the most fun: decorating!

Anthony, of course, already has two TV’s hung, for football viewing purposes!

The bathroom is just about done and usable, so that’s very exciting! The bathroom is the main reason we wanted to finish the basement. We didn’t want to have to go through the house to use the bathroom when swimming and potentially ruin our wood floors.

We are so happy about how it has turned out!

That’s it for me! I hope you all have a great weekend!

Have you ever eaten a purple tomato? Is it good?