Five on Friday #8

A normal week felt great! After a holiday week and then a beach trip, I was very excited to get back to normal, especially workout wise! We have a fun weekend ahead, including a massage and hair appointment for me!! That is a rarity my friends! Let’s get right too it!

ONE- Wednesday, we were suppose to have a playdate, but Hailey’s friend got sick. I asked her what else she would like to do and she said she wanted to go to dinner. After going back and forth with some other ideas, we decided to go to our local library for some indoor fun! It’s been sooo hot outside!

They have a few computers with kids learning games on them.

A Lego table…

Some cute play things like this car, puzzles and a doll house…

and of course, books!

The girls had a blast! Then it was off to dinner and ice cream!

TWO- When we got home on Wednesday, the girls got their showers and wanted to play upstairs in the play room before bed. Right as we were starting to wind down, Aurora decided to take a handful of Bunchems and smash them into Hailey’s hair!

First, I tried to just get them out on my own and then quickly realized that this was not good! I knew she couldn’t have been the first kid this has happened to, so I went onto YouTube and watched a couple videos. I tried conditioner and vegetable oil like the videos said, but those didn’t seem to work. This is the only comb I could find so that probably didn’t help the cause.

Wine was also an essential for this! 

I went onto Facebook to ask if anyone had any tips. Thank you to all who responded! I ended up using coconut oil as well. We went downstairs to the couch so Hailey could relax because it was past her bedtime at this point. (I put Aurora to bed immediately after I realized this was not good! She knew I was not a happy mama!)

The combo of conditioner, vegetable oil and coconut oil did the trick! I think it just took a while to loosen the Bunchems up (maybe?) because at first it didn’t seem to be working and I was in complete panic mode. After a while, I could tell a big difference and the two at the top of her scalp came out the easiest, which I was surprised about. Hailey had to take shower number two for the night and bed!

I washed her hair the second time with my shampoo and when she woke up in the morning her hair was still super oily! We swam in the pool and that didn’t help either. I looked it up and apparently dry shampoo is the way to go and it did seen to work.

THREE- There have been a lot of garden ups and downs this week. First, my tomato garden is totally ruined. I am super bummed about it because it was doing so well and I wasn’t sure what happened…until Tuesday. I looked outside and saw three deer standing in the garden eating all the tomatoes!

On a positive note, I picked a spaghetti squash and it was perfect! I’ve been eating it all week!

My friend Brittany came over with her girls to swim and we took a walk over to the garden so I could give her a spaghetti squash to take home. We saw a watermelon and decided it looked “pickable!” The girls were so excited to eat it so I grabbed a cutting board and knife and brought them outside so we could all experience the excitement together!

Doesn’t it look great!

Well, this is what it looked like inside. Oops! I guess it wasn’t quite ready…

The kids still opted to try it!

I guess I still have a thing or two to learn about gardening! Good news is, there are a few more watermelon growing, so I just need to be more patient with those ones!

FOUR- At the beach, Hailey asked to learn how to ride her bike with no training wheels. Her helmet was too small, so Anthony promised her the day we got home he would take her to get a new one.

The next day we took her out during Aurora’s nap to see how she would do.

Her balancing wasn’t great, but she started getting better at the end! It was so hot out she didn’t get much practice before she wanted to go in the pool instead, but I am proud of her for trying! I’m sure she will get the hang of it soon!

FIVE- I know it’s only mid-July but I am already looking forward to all things Fall…especially football! We just got our fantasy football draft board in the mail and I’m getting so excited.

I’ve been playing for 10 or 11 years now, and I am the only girl in the league of 12 or 14 people. I prefer 12 people for sure, but it just depends who can make it to the draft. Last year, I came in second (a close second…a touchdown with 9 seconds left made me lose!) which is the best I’ve done in a while! Hopefully I can keep it up this year…knock on wood.

I hope you all have a great weekend!