Five on Friday #6

Happy Friday! We have an exciting weekend planned and I can’t wait to share it all on Monday! I hope you guys have a great weekend!

ONE- It took me this long to discover iced coffee, but I’m hooked! I got one at Starbucks a couple months ago and had sugar-free vanilla syrup added. That was a big mistake. It made it taste pretty terrible, so I steered clear for a while. Then last week, I order an unsweetened iced coffee with almond milk and I added a little Stevia, and it was amazing! I’ve been making them at home now too!

TWO- I found an awesome OPI nail polish at TJ MAXX for $3.99. It’s called “Go with the Lave Flow.” It has some red and orange tints in it so I think it will go with a lot, and perfect for the upcoming holiday!

My painting skills are subpar.

After I painted my nails, the girls wanted their finger and toe nails done too of course. I bet you can all guess how that went for Aurora!

Smudged nails onto her face and mouth.

THREE- I love having a pool in my backyard in the summer time, especially for the girls, but there are so many gross encounters that happen throughout the summer.

I’ve already had to take care of some frogs (dead and alive), some mice (dead) and of course, tons of spiders!

Yesterday, this not-so-little guy was hanging out on the stairs to get into the pool. Luckily, there were men here working on our basement, and I nicely asked one of them if they would take care of this spider for me.

Last year, I promised Hailey we would swim and there was a spider bigger than that one on the stairs. After about 30 min of screaming and chickening out, I finally got him by myself, so I was very thankful I had someone here to help this time!

FOUR- This is way out of season, but I saw these cute little Halloween trick-or-treat bags on Instagram the other night and I think I might buy them for the girls!

They are from Little Lulu’s Bling Boutique and are on sale for $15 with personalization.

FIVE- I can’t say enough how much we all love the YMCA. Not only do I have so many different options for my workouts, Hailey and Aurora love going too! The staff in the childwatch at the Lowe’s YMCA are AMESOME! Hailey loves to play “ga-ga ball,” which is a safer version of dodge ball and comes home exhausted! Aurora gets playground time, sings and dances with the other kids and colors pictures to bring home!

This week, I snuck a video of her singing and doing hand motions to a song with all the kids and teachers, and I got this picture of her coloring.

A BIG thank-you to all the WONDERFUL staff for making the Y so enjoyable for my girls! Stress-free mama time is hard to come by!