Five on Friday #5

First, I want to thank everyone for all their kind words, private and public messages and stories of similar struggles from Wednesdays post. I was so nervous to write a more personal post but was so glad to get so much positive feedback.

Secondly, this week as been a little crazy and a little stressful. I’ve had a lot of shopping, cleaning and cooking to do for the week and not a lot of cooperation from my littlest girl. I think someone was testing me to see if the “no wine during the week” thing would really pan out, and I’m happy to say that it did. Just a little more deep breathing and a lot more anticipation for Friday!

Now lets get to it!

ONE- After Hailey’s dance recital on Saturday, my in-laws took a trip to some local antique shops while they were on our side of town. They knew we have been looking for a white dresser for Hailey’s room, and they found a great one! Anthony and my brother-in-law, Brian, went to buy it on Sunday at Main St. Antiques and Design. For any locals, it’s right next to Alino Pizzeria, which on a side note, is probably the best pizza I’ve ever had! Anthony said the antique shop was huge and had a done of great things!

The dresser works perfect in her room and she loves it!

TWO- I think I have the messiest child ever. I know, I know…all kids are messy. But guys, you should see Aurora after EVERY SINGLE snack or meal! When she was one, I thought, ehh…that’s normal, Hailey was just an anomaly.

Now that she is two, nothing has really changed. She uses a utensil 10% of the time and could get a shower after every meal! If you follow me on Instagram (lifeofamomfromatoz) or Snapchat (danielle_barber), I’m sure you have seen many videos of Aurora and her eating skills!

I’m waiting for the day that my OCD genes kick in and she becomes more clean!


THREE- I got my biggest garden haul of the season this week and am super excited!

We have been getting squash and cucumbers for a while, but the tomatoes are starting to ripen and I am especially excited about the yellow ones!

All you need is some salt and pepper and enjoy!

FOUR- Hailey has been getting up WAYYY to early lately. She will just walk downstairs to our room when she is awake, and if she gets up before Aurora, we let her play her Nintendo 3DS or watch her phone (my old phone that uses the internet on). It was getting a little out of hand, so I finally bought an OK to Wake! alarm clock.

Friends of mine have been using these for years and rave about them and I’m so glad I finally got one! You set it so it turns green at a certain time (7:00 here), and that means they can get out of bed. There is an alarm but you can set it so it doesn’t have to sound, that way if the child sleeps longer, it won’t wake them! It seems to be working great for Hailey!

FIVE- Did I mention I am very excited for the weekend so I can drink wine and eat carbs!?! I’ve been doing good with the low-carb, no alcohol during the week reset, but it definitely makes me look forward to the weekend more! We have plans to have friends over to swim on Saturday and then head to a local winery. Hopefully the weather cooperates and all plans are a go!

We are taking a cheese plate to the winery and I am definitely going to include my favorite crackers!

I found these at Food Lion. They are flakey and crunchy (I guess they would be seeing that we are talking about crackers…) and amazing!

I get the garlic flavor, but they do have plain sea salt. If you have a Food Lion near you, they are a must try! They aren’t very expensive either, maybe $1.79 for a box!

I hope ya’ll have a great weekend!


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