Five on Friday #4

We are super excited about the weekend over here! My sister, brother-in-law and niece surprised the girls a day early and got in last night. They are here to swim, hang out and watch Hailey’s dance recital!

ONE- Speaking of Hailey’s dance recital…we had rehearsal last night! It was a long three hours, but she did great and we are so excited to watch her dance her little heart out!

TWO- One of my go-to appetizers when I make something for a party are these little pesto bruschetta baguettes.

I broil pieces of a baguette and then layer pesto, mozzarella and roma tomatoes.

*My sister says she olive oils her bread before broiling it (and be careful to watch while broiling…it browns quick!) and then when done, she takes a piece of raw garlic and rubs it on the baguette before topping them. Did I mention she went to culinary school and is a chef instructor! I usually keep my cooking as simple as possible!

The girls love them too! Well, Aurora eats them in a deconstructed manor, but I’ll take what I can get!

THREE- My nephews third birthday party was last weekend at a fire station. The girls had a blast! They had a piñata, let the kids get in the fire truck and Aurora may have popped a giant fire truck balloon in a pulling match with the birthday boy. Sorry little Anthony!!

FOUR- Summer is almost here! It has been hot here in North Carolina and we have been swimming, jumping on the trampoline and eating lots of ice cream! I love that we live in a state that distinctly has all four seasons, winter being the least prominent!

FIVE- I love Bath and Body Works three wick candles in the fall and winter, but I have never bought one in the spring/summer. I saw that they were having a big sale and ended up buying a summer candle that I love! Summer candles for the win!

Hope ya’ll have a great weekend!