Five on Friday #26

Happy Friday! I am FINALLY feeling so much better and I’m excited to get back to my normal Friday blog post. Here are five things going on here at our house!

ONE- Hailey is selling Girl Scout cookies! If anyone is interested in buying from her, just let me know! The cookies are $4.00 a box, and if you are local, I can bring them to you! There is actually a shipping option now for out-of-towners, however, there is a shipping fee. If you buy at least four boxes, the shipping is only around $4, so it’s not terrible! Send me a message if you want to support Hailey and her troop!

TWO- I LOVE that my girls love to read or be read to. Hailey has recently started reading chapter books with us, which I think is a big step. She will read some of the book to us, and then Anthony or I will read some to her. It has greatly improved her reading skills!

Aurora is obsessed with books just like Hailey was and now that she has a big girl bed, I am noticing it more. We read a couple of books before nap and a couple before bed, depending on how long each one is. I noticed the other day when putting her to bed that I had no where to sit! There were books everywhere! I had to pile them up at the foot of her bed, just like I did with Hailey! She also likes to read (look through books) when she wakes up in the morning, or before she actually falls asleep for her nap, so I guess my new motto is the more books the merrier!

THREE- If you missed my last couple of posts, I am doing the Whole30. Drink-wise, I do miss my wine, but I am still able to enjoy my coffee and La Croix everyday! I usually put at least Stevia in my coffee every morning (which I am not allowed to have) and maybe a little cream, so I was so excited when I read a friends Whole30 Facebook post and someone wrote about this approved creamer. I ordered the variety pack on Amazon that had three flavors: Hazelnut, French Vanilla and Original. I have tried both the Hazelnut and French Vanilla and they definitely add a nice flavor to my coffee so I am able to enjoy it more!

FOUR- Hailey’s Kindergarten class has a “star” system for behavior. They have a big chart in the classroom where they move each students name onto a color throughout the day to coincide with their behavior. At the beginning of the year, the best color was green, blue was next (if you had to get a warning about bad behavior), then yellow and then red.

Hailey is very much a rule follower and has always been on green, but more recently, her teachers have added orange to the mix. Orange means that you go above and beyond that day. Maybe you help someone with their coat, or clean up something that wasn’t yours without asking. Hailey gets an orange star every week to two weeks and she gets so excited! She always talks about how she TRIES to get an orange star, which means she is going out of her way to help others everyday, which I think is great. I am so glad the teachers added that the orange option because I think it is a great learning experience for the kids.

FIVE- Hailey is playing basketball again this year and she is loving it! This may be my favorite sport to watch her play. She is very aggressive and always wants to have the ball, unlike in soccer. Another positive is that she gets to play on a team with two of her closest friends! She has known Walton and Emersyn since she was one and I love that she still gets to hang out with them even though they all go to different schools!

Aurora is itching to get into some kind of activity, so I cannot wait for the fall when she can start playing sports (or dance) too!

That’s all for me today! Have a great weekend everyone!

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