Five on Friday #24 Christmas List Edition

I decided to do something different this Friday and show you five things that are on my Christmas list this year! Most of these products I came across on social media or on other blogs, so I thought they would be good to share!

ONE- Bombay Curling Iron

I am a self-proclaimed reality TV junkie. This Bombay Curling Iron is used by a lot of the people I follow from those shows and they all have great beach waves. They are always giving 50% off with the code from the reality stars, so I decided to add it to my Christmas list and give it a try!

TWO- Swig Insulated Wine Tumbler

I thought this would be a great purchase for summers at the pool for my wine!

THREE- Brooks Ghost Running Shoes

Because I workout s0 much, I usually get new running shoes every six months. It works out that I need them in May, which is my birthday month and then again in December for Christmas. My Aunt Shelley has been deemed the running shoes buyer for the girls and I. She is very sporty and was an amazing athlete in high school and college, so this is right up her alley!

FOUR- Makeup Bag

Since I just recently bought a bunch of makeup, I need somewhere to put it! I have a small makeup bag, but I definitely need a bigger one, especially for traveling. I like this one from Target!

FIVE- Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness Shirt

Andrew McMahon is who I saw in Colorado and I wished I had a shirt or sweatshirt I could have worn to the concert. This sweatshirt was one of my favorite things on his website, but I really just want something of his for Christmas!

There you have it! Five things from my Christmas list this year. I hope you all have a great weekend!