Five on Friday #23

Happy weekend! Tonight is Christmas party number one of the season which is making me feel all kinds of festive! Before I start to unwind, here are my five on Friday!

ONE- If you follow this blog or my social media accounts, you probably already know that Aurora is STILL the messiest child ever! On our car ride home from PA, we let her pick out little mini donut holes to keep her happy in the car seat (you do what you gotta do!). Well, ONE mini…I’m talking really tiny donut hole later and ….

Oh, Aurora. Any advice on how to get through meals or snacks without needing a shower is greatly appreciated!

TWO- Anthony isn’t big on dessert, but two things he does like are Oreos and cheesecake…so why not put them together for his birthday!? The girls and I made individual Oreo cheesecakes when we celebrated Anthony’s birthday (late) and they were definitely a crowd pleaser!

We followed this recipe which is very easy and allows the kids to help a lot without making a big mess! Win, win!


THREE- Total Wine was having a special on this Prosecco (seen below) and two flute glasses to go with it. I don’t have any champagne flutes so I jumped on the deal!

They have cute little sayings on them too!

FOUR- Aurora is starting to like doing puzzles, which is making Hailey get back into liking them too! Though sometimes (a lot of the time) Aurora is a puzzle destructor, they both enjoy doing them together!

FIVE- Hailey’s Girl Scout troop used some of the “pay it forward” money from the 5K we ran to help a local Humane Society. The girls made toys for the animals at their scheduled meeting, and then that same day, we went to Lake Norman Humane Shelter to give them all kinds of donations, get some information about what the shelter is all about and of course see some animals!

They even had someone come who was from a rehab center (in her own home) for wild animals and she brought a baby squirrel and a possum (an opossum?). It was a cool event and I am glad they got to do something nice for the community and these animals!

That’s it for me (I think I say that every Friday?!). I hope you all have a great weekend!