Five on Friday #22

Happy Friday! It will be nice to have a normal weekend right before we leave for PA for Thanksgiving! I am excited to spend time with family, and Anthony and I are taking a quick trip to Ann Arbor to go to the Michigan vs Ohio State game! Here are my five on Friday…

ONE- Aurora had her “Corncake feast” at preschool this week. It is their Thanksgiving celebration complete with pancakes, applesauce and jello! They sang songs for the parents and it was super cute!

TWO- We already decorated for Christmas! It might seem too soon, but like I said at the top, we are going to PA for Thanksgiving, so it is way easier to come home to an already decorated house and not have to worry about it! Plus, who doesn’t love a couple extra days to be in the Christmas spirit!

THREE- I went to get gas at Harris Teeter the other day and saw these at the pump. Maybe I didn’t get the memo and these have been around for a while, but I think they are a great idea!

However, I didn’t use one and then grabbed my phone after touching the gas pump to take this picture, so I guess I should take them up on the offer and wear one next time!

FOUR- Hailey and I made perfect “no-bakes” this week! If you don’t know what a “no-bake cookie” is, the way you make them is to boil  butter, sugar, milk and cocoa powder and let is boil for ONE MINUTE and then add peanut butter, vanilla and oats. The ONE MINUTE boil is super important and if you don’t do it right, they turn out mushy. Ours hardened perfectly and were so good!!

FIVE- We got back from Colorado Sunday late afternoon and then Anthony had to go to Chicago early Tuesday morning. He only saw the girls for a couple minutes on Monday morning too, so I think Hailey was feeling a little sad that we had a lot of traveling pushed into one week. She made him this note and I thought it was the sweetest thing!!

Hopefully our trip to PA will reset her and gear her up for the Holidays!

That’s it for me today! Hope everyone has a great weekend!