Five On Friday #21

This week felt kind of like July 4th week to me. Both holidays were on a Tuesday, and I think it throws me off a little bit! We made it through and we actually have a low key family weekend planned before Anthony and I leave for Denver, CO next week!

Here are my five on Friday!

ONE- Last Friday I volunteered in Hailey’s class for the first time for special “Halloween Centers.” There were four different stations where the kids did Halloween activities. It was all put together by one of the moms from the class and I was very impressed!

One station had the kids wrapping each other to look like mummies and then playing “ghost bowling.”

They had a very festive snack at another station.

They made spider hats at another station.

And they painted pumpkins at a station, which is the one I was helping out at.

It was such a fun day and I am so glad I was able to volunteer!

TWO- Hailey and Anthony had the end of the season soccer tournament last weekend.

The team improved so much and tried so hard each game. They were the youngest team and struggled to win, but I am so proud of them all!

THREE- Hailey’s Girl Scout troop had a short field trip on their day off from school Monday to our local Goodwill store. They got a tour of the store and the back room and learned how donating can help others. Each girl brought three bags to donate and they received a badge!

I had to bring Aurora, and she wasn’t happy when I told her that she couldn’t put my lipstick all over her face. So she had a face-plant into the Goodwill floor tantrum…awesome!

FOUR- I ended up having to pick up a few things at Target on Wednesday (the day after Halloween) and came across a lot of good sales! I bought a few things for next Halloween and I also bought these appetizer plates and napkins. The plates were only $1.50 for 2 and the napkins were .50 a pack!

After I purchased just two appetizer plates, I realized that it wasn’t a very practical decision, so Aurora and I ended up going back on Thursday and we bought some more! I also spent way too much money at the Target $1, $3 and $5 bins on Christmas items!

FIVE- I was flipping through my Sirius XM channels on November 1st, and I came across a Holiday station starting THAT DAY! If Sirius XM thinks it’s okay for me to listen to Christmas music already, I am all IN!!

I hope you all have a great weekend!