Five on Friday #2

ONE- Anthony and I got our QALO rings this week and I absolutely love them! They are silicone rings that are super comfortable and can be used as a replacement for wedding rings. Whether you are working out or cooking and need a ring that can be easily cleaned, these are perfect!

TWO- Aurora tinkled on the potty for the first time this week! She will ask me to sit on the toilet all the time, but it usually is right before we have to leave the house to get Hailey from school, so I tell her to just go in her diaper and we will try some other day.

On a side note, she tells me she has to go potty usually after she has already gone in her diaper. It’s mostly a game for her I think, but she told me the other day and I guess had a little tinkle in there and was so excited that she went on the potty! Hopefully this is a (slow) start to something promising!

THREE: We are going to see Train this weekend! The new album is really good and I’m very excited to see them for the first time with some great friends!

FOUR: I got a Fitbit Flex 2 from my mother-in-law and sister-in-law for my birthday. It’s a waterproof fitbit so I can wear it in the pool which will be great for summer.

Ever since I got a fitbit about a year ago, I have been a little crazy about getting my steps in, and I don’t mean the 10,000 I have set as my default. On Sundays and Mondays I would shoot for 30,000 which was starting to make me crazy. This goes hand-in-hand with my past anorexia issues because I get a number set in my head (whether it be calories, miles, steps, etc.) and become obsessed. My other fitbit recently broke and it was nice not having a fitbit for a while.

I like the Flex 2 because you don’t see the steps on your wrist band. You actually have to check the app on your phone, which makes me less obsessed with checking.

FIVE- We are finishing our basement. We were only supposed to finish a bathroom, but Anthony changed his mind and decided he wanted to finish the whole thing. We have real wood floors throughout our house and he doesn’t want them ruined when people have to come in to go to the bathroom while swimming.  I will be excited when it’s over, but the process has been loud (during nap time) and time consuming for my already very busy husband.

Storage area…and a mess

Bathroom door on the left and storage on the right

Frame of the bar area and kitchen

It is a work in progress, but hopefully in the next month I will have more to show.

I have ya’ll have a great weekend, and thanks for reading!

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  1. Good work Danielle! You have so many happy things going on! Ps your so gorgeous so keep in walking but your moving quite a lot I’m sure with the girls!

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