Five on Friday #19

Happy Friday!! We had another busy week and now I think we are entering into to a semi low-key weekend! Here are my five on Friday!

ONE- Hailey had her second eye doctor appointment ever this week and picked out some new glasses. Her prescription changed a little, and we could have just kept the same frames and changed the lenses, but that’s no fun for a six year old!

She chose a bigger frame than her current glasses and they have browns and tans instead of black. I love them on her!

TWO- Since we didn’t have any plans last Sunday, we (I) decided it was a good time to carve our pumpkins! Since it was in the mid 80’s that day, we took the mess outside! The girls were excited to dig right in!

Anthony is the carver of the family, and the girls and I take the seeds and the “gunk” out. They girls asked for a scary pumpkin and a sad pumpkin. I have no idea why they wanted a sad pumpkin, but I think Anthony did a good job!

THREE- Last Friday, when Anthony had off from work, I decided to go get a manicure and pedicure. I am usually a pedicure only kind of girl because I ruin the manicure in a couple of days…and I’m usually too cheap to get gel. I loved the color I got so much I made sure to ask what it was called. It’s OPI’s Krona-logical order.

Well, about an hour after I got home, I ended up bumping something, and it made a giant hole in my pointer finger. Then, I went to put my shoes on a little while after that, and ruined my thumb. So annoying. Since we weren’t doing anything at the time, I drove back to have them fix the nails, and they were so busy I had to wait a really long time. I definitely was regretting going back. Then, after the woman fixed my nails (very quickly and not very thoroughly), both of the fixed nails had this bubbly look.

It was very frustrating. I kept starring at my thumb and complaining about how bad it looked! I guess I should stick to only getting a pedicure unless I decide to do gel!

FOUR- Last Friday night was date night, and we decided to go to a couple new places. We started at Ass Clown Brewery in Cornelius. The name might give it away, but this wasn’t a “kid friendly” brewery like many I’ve been to. However, the beer was awesome! They have a ton of IPA’s, which I got a flight of. My favorite was the Ghost Chili IPA. It was spicy and hoppy and perfect!

We went to The Harp & Crown for dinner, which is an Irish pub/restaurant in Cornelius that we have never been to. The food was really good!

Then we decided to go to our more local brewery, Ghostface Brewery, for one more beer before we headed back home for the night!

We had a great date night!

FIVE- I think I must be late to the party, but PetSmart is an amazing place to take your children to look around! Anthony and I did a “Hailey swap” for soccer practice after her eye doctor appointment. Aurora and I were in the PetSmart plaza and decided to go in. She. Loved. It.

She would talk to all the animals and ask them how they were doing and tell them she loves them. It was the cutest thing.

She also sang the “Go Cubs Go” song to the ferrets. Ha! We will definitely be making more trips to PetSmart in the near future!

That’s it for me! I hope you all have a great weekend! Go Penn State!