Five on Friday #18

I am excited for a semi low-key weekend, FINALLY! We have an afternoon soccer game this week, which makes for a more laidback Saturday morning, which is going to be a nice change. Anthony took today off to get some stuff done around the house while both girls are at school. He also took off because Hailey has a fun run at school this morning, which brings to me to my five on Friday!

ONE- Hailey’s school does a “Fitness Fun Run” Fundraiser every year. Basically, the kids need to get sponsors and raise money for the school. No matter how much or how little each child raises, they still get a t-shirt and are able to participate in the run, which I think is great! They have incentives as they go to see how much money they can raise. Hailey’s class got extra recess time, a game day, pajama day and hat day so far. The run is today, but they can still raise money until the 18th, and all the money goes right to her elementary school. Thanks to all of our family member who donated!

Pajama Day! 

TWO- I went to a local boutique called Aqua B Boutique, to get a gift card the other day, and knew it was going to be hard to leave with nothing for myself. I was right. Hanging right behind the cash register was a cute tank that says, “I’m a football and cold beer kinda girl,” which I totally am! So of course I had to buy it! A tank top in mid-October didn’t seem out of the question because it’s still been in the 80’s and 90’s!! Fall, where are you??? And it was only $18, which is quite reasonable for a shirt I can wear for all of football season!

If you live near Mooresville, I highly recommend visiting Aqua B! And if you don’t, you can shop online!

THREE- On Monday afternoon, my mother-in-law, sister-in-law and nephew came to visit with Anthony’s cousin who was in town for the week. We played at our house for a bit and then headed to Lancaster’s BBQ for dinner. The food there is always good, but the highlight is that the kids get to eat in a school bus!

FOUR- I love having two girls for many reasons, but one of them is definitely the fact that Aurora can wear all of Hailey’s old clothes. Luckily, Hailey was not my messy kid, so most of her clothes are still in really good shape, especially holiday specific clothes. Holiday outfits are usually only worn two to three times anyways because they are time sensitive, so I love having almost brand new cute clothes for Aurora!

Hailey on the left. Aurora on the right. 

FIVE- I love Chex Mix. The “Chex Mix” brand is always good, but I prefer to make my own! I always add extra Worcestershire because that’s my favorite part! Aurora and I went shopping on Thursday and bought all the ingredients and I whipped up a batch during naptime for the weekend!

This is tray one of two, so hopefully I have some self control this weekend! 

Have a great weekend everyone!