Five on Friday #17

Just like every other weekend in the fall, we are super busy! I love having my calendar packed, but something it’s nice to have a day or two to chill out and maybe clean the house!? Friday, the girls have off school, but we are still jammed packed because ….

ONE- Grandma and Papa Deano are here to visit this weekend! They got in on Thursday and are leaving Sunday morning. Some of the things on our agenda are: soccer practice, soccer game, visiting the aquarium, shopping, a friend’s birthday party and watching the Cubs in the playoffs! I’m sure I will have lots of pictures to share next week!

TWO- A couple times a year, Hailey will ask me to put a ton of little braids in her hair before bed so that her hair is curly the next day.

I have to say, I think it’s kind of cute! I just take out the little hair ties when she is eating breakfast, which makes the getting ready process go much faster in the morning!

THREE- Aurora is OBSESSED with baby dolls right now! She straps them into her car seat with her, sleeps with them and pushes them around the house in strollers all day. I’m glad she is into pretend babies because that’s all she is getting from me in this lifetime!!

She won’t take a picture without a baby doll these days!

She thinks Barbie dolls are babies too, and for some reason any baby she has ends up naked!

FOUR- I don’t want to say Aurora is going through sleep regression, but I guess I would call it sleep location regression. Many months ago, we switched her into a “semi big girl bed.” She is still in her crib, but there is an opening where she can get in and out. She did great for a couple weeks, and then started to take everything out of her crib and make a bed on the floor. That is where she slept for a couple months.

When she was sick around a month ago, we thought that maybe the vent in her room was blowing air right on her causing her to have a dry throat and making her cough. (This was before we found out that she had a sinus infection and she needed antibiotics, not a new room!) We decided to test out putting her in our guest room in the pack-n-play. She thought it was so cool that she was sleeping in Grandma and Papa Deano’s room (that’s what the girls call our guest room). She also thought it was cool that she was sleeping in “Claire’s bed.” When we go to my parents house she sleeps in my niece, Claire’s, pack-n-play, so apparently all pack-n-plays are Claire’s to her!

Well, since my parents were coming this weekend, we told her she had to move back to her actual room. She is still getting out and sleeping on the floor and she wakes up multiple times a night. She actually fell asleep in between the two parts of her rocking chair the other day!

Any advice on how to get her to sleep in her big-girl bed?? We actually moved the pack-n-play in her room, next to her crib, so hopefully she will do okay with that and stop waking up in the middle of the night!

FIVE- I was at Lowe’s Foods the other day just walking around to kill time before I had to pick Aurora up from preschool. (It’s been maybe years since I could “just walk around to kill time!”) I came across these chips I had never seen before and they looked good so I thought I would give them a try. Oh. my. gosh. these chips are amazing! They are kind of like a pita chip and a tortilla chip put together with just enough gouda and garlic flavor! I’ve only ever seen these at Lowe’s Foods, so if you love a good chip like me, try these for sure! They had a couple different flavors too!

That’s all for me! I am going to go enjoy some family time on this busy weekend!