Five on Friday #16

Happy Friday! Last week was a busy weekend and this one is just as busy! I feel like every year starting at the end of August, we are busy until January! Throw Kindergarten in the mix and holy moly, I need a vacation! Luckily, Anthony and I are going to Denver, CO in November to see Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness for his benefit concert for the second year in a row! We can’t wait!! I will probably say this several times, but a big thank you to Gammie two years in a row for watching the girls for that long weekend! We are so lucky and grateful to have you!!

I am hoping there is some productivity this weekend because I feel like my to-do list is a mile long! Throw Hailey’s soccer game, a birthday party and pumpkin and mum shopping in the mix, and hopefully we find time to get to that list! But before all that, here is my five on Friday!

ONE- Hailey had her first early release day from school on Wednesday. In Pennsylvania we never had early release days so this is totally new to me. On an early release day, the kids get out at 11. It was nice because I had an hour with just Hailey, which rarely happens since it was on a day that Aurora is in preschool.

By the time she got off the bus, we didn’t have time to go lunch like I wanted, so per Hailey’s request, we went to the Juice Bar! We both love it there! I got the Mean Green juice and she got the Very Strawberry Smoothie. Both always so good!

Then, we headed over to pick Aurora up from preschool and it was like a mini reunion for Hailey! So many old friends and teachers that she was so excited to see! We even hung out on the playground so she could socialize for a little bit, but Aurora was so ready for a nap, so it didn’t last long! It is so funny because last year Hailey went to preschool 5 days a week and they both HAD to go on the playground after school unless the weather was bad, but now that Aurora is in preschool, she is so exhausted and all she wanted to do was to go home and nap!

TWO- Aurora had her first book fair at preschool and she was so excited to go pick out some new books to take home! I don’t have any pictures of the actual book fair because as you can imagine, my two year old did not understand that “you can pick two books,” means she could only get TWO BOOKS, haha! I am at the point in my parenting years where I could do without the girls ever getting another toy again, but I love getting new books!

We ended up with Old MacDonald Had a Farm and Peppa Plays Soccer. I think I’ve read them each 100 times already, so I would say they were both good choices! Also, Old MacDonald Had a Farm has a ton of site words that Hailey is working on for school, so we are getting some extra learning in when we read them!

THREE- I recently bought my first “Florida avocado.” I had no idea they even existed, but they are giant and apparently have less fat than a “California avocado.” I bought it because it was way cheaper, it felt ripe and it was giant. The verdict for me was, ehhh. I didn’t really like it. It tasted different to me, maybe having less flavor? However, Aurora loved it and asked for more when she was done eating what was on her plate! I am glad it didn’t go to waste, but I think I am going to stick with Hass avocados from here on out!

It is hard to tell how big this actually is compared to a “regular” avocado, but just look at the size of the pit! I would say it is 3x the size of a regular one!

FOUR- Monday night I was sleeping and Anthony was watching the end of the Cowboys game, and apparently our power kept going in and out. It was 10:20PM or so. The next morning at 5:40AM, my phone rings. I don’t think anyone likes their phone to ring that early because you assume something is wrong! Well, it was Hailey’s school saying that school was canceled that day. We were really confused so we grabbed our phones and tried to look up why. Well, apparently someone hit the power lines right in front of the road leading up to the high school, so no one could get through to go to school and the busses couldn’t get to the elementary school or middle school.

Hailey kind of panicked when she woke up because it was already light outside and I didn’t wake her. After I told her school was canceled, her and Aurora were really excited to spend the whole day together!

We all went to the Y together for the first time in a long time, but at the end of my first class, the power at the Y went out too! It was out for almost an hour, so instead of being able to take my cardio strength class, I had to run the track. Luckily the kids were outside, so they were able to stay in child watch.

The power in our whole area was in and out all day, but they finally fixed it around 6:30-7PM that night. That was definitely a strange Tuesday!

FIVE- Hailey had a dentist appointment last week and I had to take Aurora with us. Aurora is hit or miss on the grandest scale when it comes to brushing her teeth. Sometimes she is so excited to do it and doesn’t want to stop, but other times we have to literally hold her down and try and brush as best we can while she is kicking, screaming and crying.

Our dentist told us that kids should come around the age of three, so I wanted to try and prep Aurora as best as I could at Hailey’s appointment so I could schedule theirs together in six months.

She watched Hailey up close…I mean REALLY REALLY up close!

When Hailey was done and the doctor was there, we were both talking to Aurora about getting her teeth cleaned next time and she was so excited she wanted it to happen NOW! We didn’t have an appointment for her, but our awesome dentist let her sit in the seat and she checked her teeth for a couple minutes!

Dr. Montgomery with the girls

Their office is called Lembo Montgomery Family and Cosmetic Dentistry and I would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone local who is looking for a dentist! You sit in a massage chair and watch Netflix on the TV above your head while they clean your teeth! But most of all, they are the nicest, friendliest women and are great with kids!

Well, that’s all for me! I hope you all have a great weekend!