Five on Friday #15

I feel like ever since school started for the girls, I’ve started every Friday post saying, “WHAT A WEEK!” It is so true though! I feel like just as I am getting used to the new routine, something else sneaks up on me and throws me out of whack again. This week, Aurora is still coughing all night and is barely napping because of it still, so we are both tired and cranky! I finally took her to the doctor and it turns out it is a sinus infection so I hope the medicine she is taking works! So lets get to my five on Friday before I fall asleep!

ONE- Another thing adding to our school week is Girl Scouts! Hailey asked me all last week if she could join because someone came to talk about it to the kids during school. I told her soccer was enough and just kind of let it go. Well, we were at a birthday party last weekend and I met a new mom who has kids who go to the same school as Hailey, and that is rare that I meet someone who goes to Hailey’s school! It turns out that she is the Girl Scout troop leader and she let Hailey join even though we missed the guideline! Hailey was so excited and had her first meeting on Wednesday.

Since we signed up late, she got her vest and all the badges, pins and troop numbers to put on them at her first meeting, so I still have to iron them on! 

TWO- Last Friday, I did a quick workout because I decided I wanted to make the 45 minute drive to Trader Joes while both girls were at school. I am so glad I did because there was hardly anyone there and I got to browse solo! I found there pickles and they are so good!

I made some chicken salad, put a scoop of it on a mini cracker and topped it with one of these pickles…YUM!

THREE- Since we finished our basement, a lot of our storage space for pool stuff and other outdoor things, is gone. Anthony has been talking about getting a shed for a long time and he finally went and bought one! Well, they actually build it right at our house, which I thought was pretty cool. I am just excited Aurora won’t cry about not being allowed on daddy’s lawnmower every time she gets out of the car because it will have a new home in the shed!

FOUR- One of the best things about Hailey in Kindergarten for me is having to get up at 6AM. That might sound strange, but I am definitely a morning person, and I haven’t had an actual “job” to get up for in years. I love the fact that I must be up to get things done so early.

Trust me, I’ve been up WAYYY earlier than 6AM in my 6 years as a SAHM, but I find it different to get up with a sick or just an early rising baby. Usually, it’s unplanned and it just means turning on the TV and laying on the couch for those extra early hours. Now, I structurally get up at 6AM and have a plan for getting Hailey fed and ready, sip my coffee, and wait for her to get on the bus.

FIVE- Football Sunday at home is back! (Do I talk about football too much?!) Don’t get me wrong, I love football Saturdays as well, but our Saturdays are usually filled with sports, birthday parties and sometimes even date nights, so Sunday is usually the day we sit at home, invite friends and watch ALL THE FOOTBALL!

With that said, I sometimes find it hard to write my blog on Sunday (I write them a day in advance to publish the next morning, usually) because during Aurora’s nap time, I am making food, checking my fantasy line-up and cleaning up the house. Then, if we have friends over, it’s hard to find time to write. I decided I am going to try and blog Tuesday, Thursday and Friday now (instead of MWF) and see how that goes! That way, I can write while both girls are at school and I will be able to spend more time on each post!

I hope you all have a great weekend!