Five on Friday #14

It’s finally Friday!!! It has been a looonngggg week. Lack of sleep is getting to me and I am hoping I can catch up with weekend. (Wishful thinking from a mom) I will explain my lack of sleep in number one and two of my five…here we go!

ONE- Binky update. I caved. But lets back up… I took the binky last Wednesday morning. Aurora barely napped Wednesday, Thursday or Friday and would wake up crying and wanting the binky and then would not go back to sleep. Same thing happened with bedtime. It took forever to get her to fall asleep and then when she woke up after a couple hours and realized she had no binky, she would cry and I would have to go comfort her until she fell asleep, which took FOREVER! By Friday night, I was exhausted and over it, so I ended up giving it back to her to go to sleep…and I am so happy I did! She has had it just for naps and bedtime for this week, so I guess that’s a good start!

TWO- On a similar note, I still haven’t slept this week because Aurora has a cough, but just when she lays down for her nap or bedtime. She has barely napped all week and wakes up coughing several times throughout the night. She has no other symptoms so I’m at a loss of what to do! I tried cough medicine and honey and those didn’t work. Benadryl works for an hour or two and then the cough comes back. I tried Vicks on her chest and that didn’t help and I just started using her nebulizer so hopefully that starts to work! I. AM. SO. TIRED. and I’m sure she is too!

THREE- Remember back to the past Five on Friday post when I picked a watermelon from my garden WAAAYYY too early and it was white inside?! Well, I waited patiently this time and got a red yummy watermelon! The girls and I were so excited that we were actually able to grow and eat one!

FOUR- Target has their Halloween section out already and the girls HAVE to go check everything out every time we are there! (and we are there a lot!) They are actually a little scared of some of it, especially the TV that has a head slowly pop out through the lost reception, but they want me to push the buttons over and over again!

FIVE- Hailey’s elementary school allows the parents to come eat lunch with the students on their assigned day each week. It is alphabetical, so mine is Monday, and since this week was Hailey’s first Monday of school, I surprised her and met her for lunch! I brought her a smoothie, which she was pretty excited about!

And I got my first Pumpkin Spice Latte to enjoy as she ate her lunch!

I hope you all have a great weekend! Hailey has her first soccer game, we have a birthday party to go to, and of course, lots of football to watch!