Five on Friday #12

It’s been two weeks since I wrote a blog and I feel like so much has happened in those 14 days! I took some time off because I wanted to soak up what was left of summer with my girls and I also had family visiting! My “five” today will basically be a recap of some of the things that have been going on, both good and bad!

**Number one has a couple bloody pictures. They aren’t terrible, but if you have a week stomach, maybe skip that one!

ONE- Last Thursday, Aurora fell off our kitchen bar stool and hit her head on the molding at the bottom of the wall. I was cooking dinner when she fell, so I ran over immediately to make sure she was okay. She has fallen off the stool before, so I just thought it scared her, but a couple seconds later, I realized her head was dripping blood!

It stopped bleeding quick, so I didn’t rush her to the ER like I thought I was going to do. I asked her a bunch of questions and made her follow my finger to make sure she didn’t seem disoriented. I put her in the shower because there was so much blood in her hair I couldn’t see the wound.

After her shower, she ate dinner while I decided what I was going to do. It was still hard to see the wound because her wet hair was matted down on it, and as you can imagine, she didn’t like me touching it.

We finally went to urgent care and they said she needed staples. My mother-in-law met us there, and thank god for her because she was calm and knew what questions to ask and I was a nervous wreck! Thank you Gammie!! Anthony made it for the staples too!

They messed up one of the staples and had to take it back out and re-do it!! Oh, that part was just awful! Aurora was such a trooper through the whole thing!

Even though it was 8:45 when we got home, we let her pick out whatever she wanted from the store and she chose a giant cupcake!

This was probably the worst mom experience I have ever had!

TWO- Anthony had plans to surprise Hailey with a “before Kindergarten” trip to Carowinds (amusement park) the day after Aurora fell. He ended up telling her the night of the staples because she seemed a little traumatized by the whole thing and we wanted to give her something positive to go to bed thinking about!

Carowinds wasn’t too busy, probably because it was a Friday and some of the schools around here have already started. She got to ride a ton of rides and go to the water park! She had a blast!

Since I knew I would have a day with just Aurora, I thought we would swim all day because it was going to be hot, but since she had staples in her head, plans had to change.

I didn’t want to take her to the Y because of the staples, so we went for a 4 miles walk/run.

Then, we went out for lunch and went to the store to pick up flowers and a cookie cake that Grandma and Papa Deano called in for her! She was very excited!

Then, it was a very low-key rest of the day and night!

THREE- Anthony took that Friday off work for Carowinds because he had to work Saturday, so the girls and I decided to get ready and drive 40-45 minutes to Trader Joe’s! I LOVE Trader Joe’s, but there isn’t one close to where we live, so I haven’t been there in so so long!

My mother-in-law, sister-in-law, brother in-law and nephew actually were all coming from a baseball practice when we were headed that way, so we met them for lunch right across the street. I got the girls settled and then shopped by myself, which was amazing because I wanted to look at EVERYTHING!! It would have been awful trying to wander with the girls in tow, so thank you Gammie, Uncle Joseph and Aunt CaCa (Jessica)!

Apparently I went on the right day because they were celebrating their 50th anniversary with some good deals, including 50 cent avocados! JACKPOT!

They were also giving tattoos to the little ones!

And I forgot how affordable their wine is! It is so worth the longer drive just to stock up on our Trader Joe’s favorite things! I would say it was a very successful trip!

FOUR- On Sunday, my Grandma and Aunt made the trip down to North Carolina from Pennsylvania and stayed until Wednesday morning. We swam, got my grandma’s favorite ice cream, shopped, saw the eclipse, went to dinner and just hung out at the house! We had a great time!

FIVE- Tuesday was Hailey’s Kindergarten orientation. We lucked out that we had family visiting to watch Aurora so we didn’t have to bring her along.

Hailey was so excited and couldn’t wait to meet her teacher and see her classroom! Anthony even got out of work early to go with us!

We explored the school and met some of the kids in her class. We are all so excited for this big next step! Good luck Hailey girl!!

It is so nice to get back to writing. We have Fantasy Football draft weekend at our house so I better get studying! I hope y’all have a great weekend!