Five on Friday #11

Happy Friday everyone! I feel like this week was a weird one. It rained a lot and for the last couple weeks it has been oddly cool for July and August in NC. Our pool is usually around 86-89 degrees in July and August, which Anthony says is too hot, but I like it. It’s been barely 80 degrees because it gets so cool at night and in the morning! On the other hand, I love not instantly sweating when I step outside, so I guess there are pros and cons! Anyways, let get into it…

ONE- If you follow me on Instagram (lifeofamomfromatoz), and watch my Insta-stories, you know I read The Sinner in 2.5 days! I started Monday afternoon during Aurora’s nap time and then read it that night. I read it all throughout the day Tuesday when I could, mostly at night, and by 11PM that night, I only had 80 pages, of 387, left, but I HAD to go to bed! Aurora woke up crying at 5:30AM Wednesday morning, so I went up to her room, gave her a binky and rocked her back to sleep. (I say that like it was easy, but only 2 out of 10 times would she go back to sleep that late in the morning.) I felt so awake and eager to finish the book, so I just stayed up and finished it before we left for the Y!

When I went to bed Tuesday night, I was telling Anthony about the book and how I thought it would end, and I was almost all the way right by that point (80 pages left), but up until then, I changed the way I thought it would end several times!

I thought it was really good…really disturbing at some points, but really good! It definitely has some disturbing sexual aspects, so it is for a mature reader. I just couldn’t put it down and I needed to know how it was going to end.

TWO- Blue Moon’s pumpkin beer is out! I know, I know…its August (says my husband)…but it has been feeling a bit like Fall because of the cooler mornings/evenings!

I will never, ever, ever turn down a good pumpkin beer, and Blue Moon has a good one! Just the right amount of pumpkin flavor!

THREE- Anthony and I both like to run. I run a lot. I’ve cut down in the past couple of months to do more classes to mix things up, but on Sunday, I usually do 8.5 on my hilly road, which is a great workout!

We have led my example for Hailey, and now she enjoys it too! She will ask to run with us a lot, but I love when it actually works out and we have time to run/walk a few slower miles with her!

She usually runs a lot of the first mile, and then takes a little rest.

The we walk more of the second. I am so proud of her for wanting to run with us and I am so happy she enjoys it!

FOUR- I was a vegetarian growing up, and went back to it when I was pregnant with Aurora because of aversions I had to meat. I eat meat now, but I still sometimes fall into old habits and go for vegetarians options.

I have been making this quick lunch or dinner for a while now and thought I’d share!

I use either cauliflower rice (pictured), spaghetti squash or regular pasta, and mix it with ricotta, sauce and red pepper flakes. It is so good and quick and easy! Ricotta cheese makes everything better…at least that my motto!

Anthony made meatballs this week and I added some to this for a balanced dinner!

FIVE- I love watching Insta-stories (is that hyphenated?!). I thought I would share with you some of my FAVORITE people to follow.

Busy Phillips!! She was in Freaks and Geeks, which I watched growing up with my parents, and also Cougar Town, which I also loved!

She is hilarious! She has two small daughters, which I can relate too, and occasionally co-hosts at Live with Kelly and Ryan, which is a show I love!

Bevcooks! She also cracks me up! She is a mom/food blogger who does a ton of stories on Instagram as well.

I hope ya’ll have a great weekend!