Fantasy Football Draft 2017 and Some Weekend Fun

We had such a fun weekend…which started after Friday morning, when Aurora got her staples taken out! That was almost as terrible as her getting them in!

Anthony had Friday off to get the house ready for the draft, so I decided to take Aurora by myself to the doctors and let Hailey stay with him while he mowed the lawn. I really wish I could have had another person with me, especially because I had to help hold down her legs and I so wish she could have seen my face during the removal for some comfort. The nurse had to hold her head down…it was awful! She did find her sisters purse in the car and took it in with her. She was pretty excited about that!

We took a walk on our road with our neighbors when we got home and then after nap, we met some friends at The Blue Parrot for dinner. The girls love it there because they have sand they can play in while we are wait for our food.

Our friends came to dinner by boat and invited us to go for a ride on Lake Norman after dinner. The girls have been asking to go boating so this was a perfect end to our day!

Hailey even got to drive the boat and did great! (There were no other boats close by of course.) Aurora was her co-pilot which apparently meant honking the horn a million times.

On Saturday morning, Anthony took the girls to his mom’s house so we could get ready for the Fantasy Football draft. While he was gone, I made four Stromboli’s! Here is the recipe! Two were for our draft, and Anthony had another draft after ours, so I made two for that one also.

I love draft day! It’s a 14 team league and we have four guys who don’t live in NC anymore, so they drafted live from the computer.

We drafted in our basement which had the perfect set up! We don’t have many decorations yet so the blank walls worked out well.

I was sporting my Steelers earrings to represent my team! Here we go!

I liked my draft. I went WR heavy early because we are changing the scoring to half point PPR and we are using decimals. I picked 13th out of 14 because I came in 2nd last year, and I did not like that spot at all. After the two almost back to back picks, it seemed like it took forever to get to pick again!

It was such a fun afternoon and my face hurt from laughing so much! A lot of the guys have been in the league for 8 or 9 years and it’s always fun to get together and talk football. Here’s to hoping my team stays healthy and does well!!

We had a little time between drafts, so a couple guys stayed to swim for a bit. Of course I had already done my hair and makeup so I couldn’t go in…hashtag women problems.

I am not in the second draft, but I go every year to hang out and sometimes help if they need it.

They had three guys drafting from afar too, so I sat at the computer to input all the picks so those guys could see the who was taken.

Then they got the fight and I fell asleep on the couch before it ended. This mama is not used to staying up that late!

Sunday, Anthony and I went to breakfast just the two of us. Then I did my long run while he went to pick up the girls. The girls had a blast at Gammie’s house per usual!

I had a ton of stuff to get done around the house and I went grocery shopping for the week.

Hailey starts Kindergarten on Tuesday, but we are starting her on her new bedtime routine Sunday night so that she hopefully gets used to it. Her school does a scattered start so only five kids go at a time, on one day of this week, and then they all go together next Tuesday after labor day. I wanted to get everything together Sunday for her first day of school since I had Anthony home to help with Aurora.

The three of them played some games.

After dinner we went on a nature walk so the girls could collect leaves, and then they frosted the carrot cake they made at Gammie’s house this morning!

This is a bad mom and dad fail because the cake is in a pumpkin shaped pan with the face on the other side. We were suppose to flip the cake out of the pan AND THEN frost it….duh! *eye roll*

This was a great last weekend at home before school starts! Next weekend we are making a quick trip to PA for Hailey’s 6th birthday!!!!!! and yet another Fantasy Football draft for Anthony!