Daveste Vineyards, Cars 3, TJ Maxx and a big girl bed!

Why do weekends always fly by way too fast!? We had a very eventful weekend with both adult fun and kid fun too!

Friday after the Y, the girls and I had a play group play-date at a gymnastics studio.

They had a blast! Hailey has been asking to do gymnastics for a long time now so she loves when we get to do things like this. I think next year we are going to let her take classes.

Saturday, we had a bunch of friends over to swim in the afternoon. Because it was early, I made a little Bloody Mary bar to start things off!

Our friends 6 month old, Stella, was loving the giant rubber duck!

What a cutie!

Hailey and Aurora love having baby Stella around!

It started raining, so that was our cue to start getting ready for the winery. Daveste Vineyards is less than 20 minutes from our house and is a beautiful and fun place to hang out. We packed snacks and went to enjoy some wine!

The rain kind of put a damper on the kids fun. We usually set up cornhole to keep them busy, but we didn’t have much space because there was a private party in the pavilion area and the uncovered areas were soaked. They still had fun playing in the rain but I’m not sure Aurora’s white shorts are going to make it from all the mud she was playing in!

Sunday, we went to lunch and had time to kill afterwards so we stopped by the Antique shop we just bought Hailey’s new dresser from. I had never been and it was awesome! We bought a sign with Lake Norman coordinates for the basement.

Then we headed to the movies to see Cars 3. This was Aurora’s second movie theater experience. The first one was on a weekday afternoon (Smurfs) and it was just the girls and I. There was only one other family in the theater with us that time so it went pretty well. Today, however, did not go as well.

Aurora is doing her “Spider-Man” impression!

About 45 minutes in, Aurora was over the movie. She kept dropping her binky and water bottle on purpose and she was running down the isle we were sitting in and interrupting other people. I ended up taking her out a couple times to try to talk her into being good, but that didn’t happen. The last hour was spent running the halls and playing games in the lobby. Anthony and Hailey said Cars 3 was really good!

She wanted to take pictures with the cars instead of watching them!

The man who was taking the tickets at the movie theater watched Aurora and I run the halls and play in the lobby for an hour and heard me ask her repeatedly if she was ready to go back in to see the movie. When we were walking out, he came up to me and said he talked to his manager and they wanted to give me a free ticket for my next movie because he knew I didn’t get to see much of the one I had just paid for. That was SUCH a nice gesture that man went out of his way to do! So whoever you are, a big thank you to you!

We were suppose to go grocery shopping together after the movie, but since Aurora was not cooperating, Anthony suggested we go home and I could go shop by myself to give me a little break before the long week ahead. I was totally good with that! Target by myself is like a mini vacation! I decided to stop at TJ Maxx also to look for a new bathing suit for an upcoming beach trip. I ended up finding a bathing suit, and maybe a couple other things too!

I got these two dresses. Both are cute and comfy!

I loved these shark shorts but didn’t end up getting them. I couldn’t find a blue shirt to go with them, so maybe if I find that, I will go back and buy them!

And the last bit of our Sunday was spent trying to introduce Aurora to a big girl bed! Well, kind of a big girl bed…we took the front part off the crib and added a little attachment so she has the option of getting in and out by herself.

She was super excited and we explained to her that she wasn’t supposed to get out of bed even though she could. I didn’t even make it downstairs and this is what was on the monitor.

No Aurora.

It took a while, but eventually she laid back down and fell asleep! She slept the whole night, and when she woke up she didn’t get out until I came to get her! Fingers crossed she does well with it this week!

How old was your little one when you took the front off the crib?