Christmas Parties and Events 2017

This holiday season has already been jam packed with fun events and parties! We kicked off the Christmas party season at our friends Brittany and David’s house two weekends ago!

They always throw an awesome party and everyone had a blast!

The day after that, my mother-in-law, sister-in-law and I took my girls and my nephew to breakfast with Santa at the Y. They loved it and their Santa picture came out great!

Last Wednesday was Anthony’s work Christmas party at the Hilton in Charlotte. My mother-in-law was on her way to our house to watch the girls and I was almost ready to go when I heard a loud thud and then screaming! Hailey was running and her socks made her slip right into the corner of our built-in cabinets. There was blood everywhere! Her glasses broke and that is what made the wound on the side of her face. Luckily, the bleeding stopped and it was not deep enough to need stitches or anything. She was just traumatized, but once she finally calmed down, I ended up going to the party. My mother-in-law changed her plans and took them out for pizza and ice cream for a change of scenery, which she said helped a lot!

Such a small wound, but so much blood!! 

Her backup yellow glasses came in handy this week! 

The party was fun, but I pretty much spent the whole night wishing I was home cuddling my poor girl!

Friday, Anthony invited all of his managers and their significant others over for a Christmas get together at our house. I spent the whole week shopping, cooking and cleaning and then we got an unexpected snowstorm! This is my ninth Christmas in North Carolina, and I don’t think I have ever been able to take a picture of my Christmas tree with snow in the background!

We had a few people cancel because of the snow, but a lot of people did show up, which was good because I have so much food already prepared!

I set up some food upstairs and some food in the basement. Upstairs, we had meatballs, salami stuffed with cream cheese and peperoncinis, mini wrapped hot dogs, bruschetta with baguettes and a cookie tray.

In the basement, we had a cheese plate, veggie tray, mini wrapped hotdogs, a Chic-Fil-A chicken nugget platter, jalapeno popper dip and a cookie tray.

We ended up all just hanging out in the basement the whole night so I moved all the food down there. We played taboo which was pretty entertaining and hilarious!

Thank you all for coming and for braving the snow!

The girls stayed at my mother-in-laws that night so I was pretty excited that the snow stuck around on Saturday and we got to play!

Sunday, our friends Josh and Janelle’s daughter Stella had her first birthday party! She ate her smash cake like it was a piece of corn and it was hilarious!

They had a photo booth set up with an app that sends the pictures right to your phone. So cool!

And a ball pit in the living room for the little ones!

It is safe to say that my girls won’t have any problems opening Christmas gifts this year because they were very much into “helping” Stella with hers!! Sorry Janelle!

Happy first birthday Stella girl!

As you can see, our holiday season has been jam packed with so much fun already and it’s not stopping yet! My parents get here Thursday to celebrate Christmas with us early!

I also want to thank my mother-in-law, Stephanie, for taking the girls serval times this month so we could have all this holiday fun! We love and appreciate you so much!

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