Christmas 2017

Oh, the Christmas season just seems to go so fast! I am sure January will go by at turtle speed, mostly because it will be cold and I am doing the Whole30! Nevertheless, we had a great Christmas this year and here is a recap!

Christmas Eve

We started Christmas Eve with workouts and lasagna prepping! Hailey was our big helper in the kitchen all week!

We made one regular lasagna and one zucchini lasagna and they both came out great!

Finished products! 

Aurora was being a snack sneaker by climbing on the counters. We eventually had to move the snacks because she kept doing it! Oh, Aurora!

We took 500 takes of pictures by the Christmas tree before clothes were stained and hair was ruined!


After we ate, Gammie played “Go Fish” with the kids!

And then she gave them each one early present- PJ’s!

Everyone left pretty early, since it was Christmas Eve and all! The girls had a list of things they needed to do before bedtime to ensure Santa would make it to our house! I absolutely love these ages for Christmas!

They made him a plate of cookies!

Both girls made “reindeer magic food” at school this year, so they both had their baggies filled with oats and glitter to sprinkle in the yard!

And then since our fire place is enclosed and we were doing Christmas in the basement this year, they had to put their magic Santa key on the door to make sure he could get in!

When the girls went to bed, Anthony and I wrapped some final presents, which was interrupted several times by a crying two year old. I am not sure what was up with her on Christmas Eve night, but she was pain crying for a long time, so I was on baby duty while Anthony finished up the presents. She woke up fine, so I think it was just leg growing pains.


The girls were VERY excited Christmas morning!!

We did things a little different than past years. This year, Santa brought each girl one big present (a big girl bed and mattress for Aurora and a basketball hoop for Hailey) and two smaller gifts (Legos for Hailey and Play-Doh for Aurora). Mom and dad got them the rest of their gifts!

They had some joint gifts from Anthony and I too.

If you read my post about Christmas with my parents a couple weeks ago, you may remember me talking about Hailey having a Christmas store at her school where she could pick out gifts for family members and wrap them for Christmas. I was so excited to see what she picked out for everyone…especially since I sent in $45 for 14 people and she came home with $17.50 left! I was expecting her to spend it all!

Aurora got a pink toy hippo!

Anthony got a #1 dad pen!

I got purple nail polish!

All thoughtful and super cute!!

Anthony put together Aurora’s big girl bed before nap time! She has been using it more for summersaults and less for sleeping…

We took our Christmas photos by the tree and then headed to my mother-in-laws house for Christmas with Anthony’s side of the family!

Jess, my sister-in-law, and I. 

Gammie bought Christmas Bingo for the kids to play!

And ALL THE FOOD! I am lucky to have married into an Italian family because they served stuffed shells and meatballs along with the traditional ham! Anthony and I made the mac and cheese that afternoon before heading over!

Kids table!

Gammie and Papa Keith keep their presents to all of us on top of the cupboards in the kitchen, so all the little ones help take them down and put them under the tree!

The girls got some football rivalry gifts. Aurora got an Antonio Brown jersey, which I am so excited about!

And Hailey got a huge Cowboy helmet Lego set!

We all had a great Christmas! Now, if someone would just come and put everything away and take Christmas down for me, that would be great!

Anthony and I will be heading to New Orleans on Saturday for the Sugar Bowl so I will pick up with blogging when we get back! Have a Happy New Year everyone!