Five Reasons Why I Love My Husband: Five on Friday #30

Since Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, I decided to get a little sappy over here today. January and February are challenging months for us. Anthony works a ton and is very busy, and I am usually cooped up inside the house all day because of the weather, sicknesses, etc., so we couldn’t be on more different pages in the beginning months. He is exhausted and wants to chill out quietly and then go to bed when he gets home from work, and he wants to stay at home and relax on the weekends. I want to talk, talk, talk when he gets home and get out of the house any chance I can get on the weekends.

These days can get a bit taxing, so I thought I would give credit where credit is due and brag on my husband a bit.

ONE- He makes time for his kids no matter what.

I was going to say, “He is an amazing father,” but I felt like that was too cliché. He IS an amazing father, but the fact that he works so much and still manages to be present so much too, makes him that much more amazing.

If he knows he is going to have a late night, he always tries to be there for breakfast in the morning or he tries to take Hailey to school so she can see him at least a little bit that day.

He has coached several of Hailey’s sports teams with weekday practices, and if he wasn’t the coach, there have been days where he would get out a little early just to go watch a practice, knowing very well he has to work really late the next day because of it. He makes it work. And that is a great father.

TWO- He is such a hard worker to provide for our family.

Anthony’s work ethic is one like I’ve never seen. He is so determined to be the best he can be at work for the sake of our family. I have been on many vacations because of his hard work, and though sometimes it might be taxing on me, I always go back and remember that he is doing it for all four of us.

From our most recent work trip to New Orleans. 

THREE- He understands that in our case, opposites attract. 

Anthony and I have similar interests and values, which I think is important in a marriage, but we couldn’t be more different personality wise. I am a karaoke loving, loud, attention seeker who loves meeting new people and making people laugh. At least I try to make people laugh?! Anthony is quiet and reserved most of the time and doesn’t like being in the spot light.

I am thankful that he puts up with the craziness of being married to me!

FOUR- He will always help around the house.

We each have our “chores” that we do around the house. He keeps up with the outside (lawn, pool, plants, yard, etc.) and I keep up with the inside. If we are having people over or throwing a party, I can always count on Anthony to pitch in and help out inside. When he is home, he will cook, clean up after the girls and he is the one who scrubs the showers and bathtubs because that usually needs some man power!

This is how Anthony cleans the stainless steal, ha! 

FIVE- He is my voice of reason. 

Women can be a little dramatic at times…shocker! He always has a way of talking me through a situation and making me realize that I shouldn’t been worrying about petty things. He puts things into perspective and calms me down when I need to be calmed.

With allll of that said, lets be real. Anthony and I have had our fair share of arguments in our almost TEN YEARS of marriage. Marriage is work…for everyone! I think if each of us takes a minute to look at all the good things in our relationships it can make us forget or look past the not-so-good things!

Also, Anthony hates Valentine’s Day, so we don’t celebrate it. BUUTTT, I scheduled Hailey’s second quarter parent teacher conference on the 14th, along with a babysitter, so we just happen to have a kidless dinner date planned! See, opposites attract!

Favorite Children’s Books, Ages 0-6: Five on Friday #29

I love that both my girls love books! And now that Hailey is starting to read to us, it is even more fun! The girls, Anthony and I came up with this list of five of our most favorite books.

ONE- Count My Kisses Little One

This was my favorite book to read to the girls when they were really little. It has sentences like, “One kiss for baby on baby’s nose,” so I would “boop” their little noses and they loved it! I still read this to Aurora occasionally, but she seems to be outgrowing it too. *tear*

TWO- Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons

Hailey got this book when she was younger and she absolutely loves it! It’s crazy to think that I read this to her SOOOO many times and now she is reading it to me!!

Both girls love the whole Pete the Cat series and Hailey got some Pete the Cat phonics books for Christmas that we read every night!

THREE- The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs

When I was pregnant with Hailey, instead of having everyone bring a card with their gifts to my baby shower, we asked for them to bring books instead and write a little note with their names inside. It is so fun to see who bought which books so many years later!

This was the book Anthony picked out for Hailey before she was born. It was one of his favorites growing up. It is more for an older child, so Hailey is really starting to like it now and they read it all the time!

FOUR- The Cat in the Hat (or any Dr. Seuss book)

It shouldn’t be a shocker that a child likes Dr. Seuss books! I love them too! And if you saw my girls Halloween costumes this past year, you may have guessed they were on board the Dr. Seuss train as well!

They like pretty much every Dr. Seuss book, but The Cat in the Hat and Green Eggs and Ham are probably their favs!

FIVE- The Very Hungry Caterpillar 

This is also a classic and a fun one to read! Aurora is really into it right now, especially the page where the caterpillar eats allllll the things!

There you have it! A list of our favorite books! Have a great weekend everyone!


Five on Friday #28

Happy Friday! I am looking forward to a fun weekend with a break in the middle for a date night! Yay! Here are my five on Friday.

ONE- A local restaurant, Kickback Jacks, hosts a character night on a few Tuesdays a month. Well, this week, they were having the Trolls come between 6-8PM. Princess Poppy and Branch to be exact. My girls love Trolls, especially Aurora, so I decided to plan to go out to dinner that night to see them. Hailey has basketball practice until 6:30 on Tuesdays so I thought it would workout well. We made our Trolls summer clothes work for the winter and the girls were both so excited to go.

Anthony was coaching practice that day, so at 6PM, I decided to take Aurora to the restaurant early to try and get a table. It was packed! We couldn’t even find a parking spot and had to park at a nearby gas station. We went in and the wait was too long (over an hour), with three pages of names, so we decided to sneak in and try to see them really quick, before finding a new place to eat.

Aurora was very excited to see Poppy, even though she looks scared.

She was actually scared of Branch and wouldn’t get down to take a picture! I felt bad and tried to take a selfie, ha!

TWO- I have heard about Elderberry Syrup for a few years now. Some of my friends rave about it and how it helps support your immune system and improves cold and flu symptoms. There is a woman who is known as the “Elderberry Syrup Lady” who just started selling it at our local farmers market. I picked some up to try and help prevent this nasty flu from getting to our family.

The girls both like the taste, so that’s a plus!

I have also been giving the girls these vitamins I ordered off amazon.

Fingers crossed these help us steer clear from all the sickness!

THREE- During our long break from school due to the snow, the girls and I ventured out to Target one day. In clear snowstorm fashion, we picked out new swim gear for the summer! I found similar cover-ups and sunglasses for the girls and they are so excited to wear them!

Toddler cover-up// Girls cover-up// Girls Sunglasses// Toddler Sunglasses 

FOUR- I am currently reading two books. The first I am reading with my women’s lifegroup and it’s called The Best Yes. In this book, the author, Lysa TerKeurst, is learning that there is a big difference between saying yes to everyone and saying yes to God. It is really relatable and especially good for small group discussion.

The second book I am reading is called Say You’re Sorry, by Melinda Leigh. I am not that far on this one, but it is kind of a murder mystery. It’s one of those that you don’t want to put down because you want to know what happens!

FIVE- If you missed my post from earlier this week, I cleaned out our pantry on the girls last snow day. That has given me a cleaning/organizing itch that just won’t go away. With some of the free time I found this week, I cleaned out the drawers in my bathroom, I organized some things in Hailey’s room and I cleaned out the drawer below.

This drawer is one of two “miscellaneous” drawers we have in the kitchen and it was BAD! It had about 15 candles, 40 koozies, 50 expired coupons and receipts from house projects dated back to 2014. Like I said, it was BAD! So I threw out a lot and moved some things to new locations and now I am a lot happier when going into this drawer!

That’s it for me! I hope you all have a great weekend!

Five on Friday #27

I am glad I remembered what day it was! It has been crazy in the Charlotte area this week. The girls had Monday off for MLK Day, and then Wednesday was the start of the snow days! We were suppose to get “maybe an inch” of snow Wednesday morning through the afternoon, but it turned out to be about 6-7 inches here at Lake Norman! Today is the third snow day, so Hailey went to school once this week (and has Monday off for a teacher workday too) and Aurora hasn’t been to school since last Friday!! With that said, I am going to start with our snow day fun in my five on Friday!

ONE- The girls both LOVED the snow this time! Aurora didn’t seem so sure about it when we got the snow in December, but she had a blast sledding and making snow balls!

I am from Erie, PA…you know, the place all over the news for making all kinds of snow records this year…so I have been around a fair share of snow in my life. However, I’ve been in NC for almost 10 years now (that’s crazy to say!) so I also get so excited to be able to take the girls outside and play in the snow a couple times a year!

Of course, we have to make hot chocolate when we come inside!

TWO- I feel like I’ve been missing out, but apparently “snow ice cream” is a thing and its really easy! I just whisked together 1 cup of milk, 1 tsp vanilla, 1/3 cup sugar and a pinch of salt. Then, I took a big bowl outside and scooped up about 8-9 cups of CLEAN snow. I whisked it in the bowl with all the other ingredients and topped it with some sprinkles…DONE!

The girls loved it! It was a little on the sugary side though, so next time I might try just adding a couple tablespoons of sugar and see if that helps!

THREE- If you follow football, you know that the Steelers lost last weekend to the Jaguars…devastating!! I have been a Steelers fan since I was in 4th grade. My teacher that year was a Steelers fan and they happened to make it to the Super Bowl, so we had a big party and I’ve never looked back!

I was so excited that Aurora got an Antonio Brown jersey for Christmas!

Her and I were both decked out in our Steelers gear for the game, but by the time she woke up from her nap, I was sulking and didn’t get a picture with her like I planned. Better luck next year I hope!

I am predicting that Minnesota and New England with make it to the Super Bowl. I REALLY don’t want New England to win so I am rooting for Jacksonville, but I don’t think they will be able to come out of that game with a W.

FOUR- I made a Trader Joe’s run last Saturday and I had bought some of those little mini hot dogs. Theirs did not have added nitrates like the ones I see at Target or Harris Teeter, so I just grabbed them in case we were going to have people over for the playoffs or Super Bowl.

The guy who was bagging my groceries saw them and told me that they had a great seasonal combo of sauces out right now that go great with those hot dogs or meatballs. I told him if he ran and got the sauces for me, I would buy them and try it, so he did.


It is like the “3 ingredient meatball” recipe, but with a little bit more flavor. I thought the combo was really good! I just poured both jars in a crockpot with a bag of frozen meatballs and cooked them on high for an hour and then I added the hot dogs for the last 30 min (since they weren’t frozen). Even though the sauce had a bit of a kick to it because of the Sriracha in the BBQ sauce, the girls still ate a ton of them too!

FIVE- If you read my Whole30 Week Two post on Wednesday, you saw that I pretty much quit the Whole30. I had a terrible headache everyday and felt so weak and fatigued that I decided to add grains back in and I felt 100 percent better when I did! Since Anthony and I were both sick and on the Whole30 the weekend before last, we decided on Saturday that we should get out of the house. We went to Ghostface Brewery with the girls.

We love going to breweries because they are way more laid back than restaurants for kids. We actually have a “brewery bag” filled with Play-Doh, coloring books, stickers, paper and crayons.

We stayed longer than we expected to because a band was starting to play. Aurora loves to sing, dance and listen to music, so we wanted to see how she would react to a live band. She loved it and the band actually gave her a tambourine and let her “play” with them! We had a great night out!

That’s all for me! I hope you all have a great weekend!


Five on Friday #26

Happy Friday! I am FINALLY feeling so much better and I’m excited to get back to my normal Friday blog post. Here are five things going on here at our house!

ONE- Hailey is selling Girl Scout cookies! If anyone is interested in buying from her, just let me know! The cookies are $4.00 a box, and if you are local, I can bring them to you! There is actually a shipping option now for out-of-towners, however, there is a shipping fee. If you buy at least four boxes, the shipping is only around $4, so it’s not terrible! Send me a message if you want to support Hailey and her troop!

TWO- I LOVE that my girls love to read or be read to. Hailey has recently started reading chapter books with us, which I think is a big step. She will read some of the book to us, and then Anthony or I will read some to her. It has greatly improved her reading skills!

Aurora is obsessed with books just like Hailey was and now that she has a big girl bed, I am noticing it more. We read a couple of books before nap and a couple before bed, depending on how long each one is. I noticed the other day when putting her to bed that I had no where to sit! There were books everywhere! I had to pile them up at the foot of her bed, just like I did with Hailey! She also likes to read (look through books) when she wakes up in the morning, or before she actually falls asleep for her nap, so I guess my new motto is the more books the merrier!

THREE- If you missed my last couple of posts, I am doing the Whole30. Drink-wise, I do miss my wine, but I am still able to enjoy my coffee and La Croix everyday! I usually put at least Stevia in my coffee every morning (which I am not allowed to have) and maybe a little cream, so I was so excited when I read a friends Whole30 Facebook post and someone wrote about this approved creamer. I ordered the variety pack on Amazon that had three flavors: Hazelnut, French Vanilla and Original. I have tried both the Hazelnut and French Vanilla and they definitely add a nice flavor to my coffee so I am able to enjoy it more!

FOUR- Hailey’s Kindergarten class has a “star” system for behavior. They have a big chart in the classroom where they move each students name onto a color throughout the day to coincide with their behavior. At the beginning of the year, the best color was green, blue was next (if you had to get a warning about bad behavior), then yellow and then red.

Hailey is very much a rule follower and has always been on green, but more recently, her teachers have added orange to the mix. Orange means that you go above and beyond that day. Maybe you help someone with their coat, or clean up something that wasn’t yours without asking. Hailey gets an orange star every week to two weeks and she gets so excited! She always talks about how she TRIES to get an orange star, which means she is going out of her way to help others everyday, which I think is great. I am so glad the teachers added that the orange option because I think it is a great learning experience for the kids.

FIVE- Hailey is playing basketball again this year and she is loving it! This may be my favorite sport to watch her play. She is very aggressive and always wants to have the ball, unlike in soccer. Another positive is that she gets to play on a team with two of her closest friends! She has known Walton and Emersyn since she was one and I love that she still gets to hang out with them even though they all go to different schools!

Aurora is itching to get into some kind of activity, so I cannot wait for the fall when she can start playing sports (or dance) too!

That’s all for me today! Have a great weekend everyone!